Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Geometry of the Heart

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Human Geometry
by Christine V. Grupp

All lines meet upon the brow,
Proclaiming yesterday and now.
Marking where we laughed and cried,
Explaining how we lived and died.
These parallel lines connect our race,
And intersect somewhere in space.


  1. Happy Day After Judgment Day! I suppose a lot of folks are confused and disappointed but I hope no one gets hope no one gets HURT, and that all of the end-of-days travelers chill out, realize mistakes were made, and just sort-of wander home for cookies and cocoa.

    I don't really "get" religion. The closest I've ever been to believing in anything like prophecy is believing in music, which is basically poetry, so it's good enough for 40 Acres Sunday Services, right? Even as a little kid, Brother Mellencamp used to make me weep, and he still does:

    gonna let it rock
    let it roll
    let the bible belt come and
    save my soul
    hold to sixteen
    as long as you can
    changes come around real soon
    make us women and men

    oh yeah, life goes on
    long after the thrill of livin' is gone
    oh yeah, they say life goes on
    long after the thrill of livin' is gone

    May the whole bunch of you keep finding your bestest thrills.

  2. Music and Poety?

    Seems to me this is all that "artsy fartsy" stuff Sister Sarah and her cult are trying to get rid of.

    We don't want creative and imaginitive students. We want more bricks. For the Wall. Little Lemmings who will slave for nothing and believe anything just as long as they can "earn" the largest tv. So they can "vote" for really important stuff like who is the best dancer and who is the worst person in rehab.

    Back to the mimes for me.

    Jen, I've been thinking and I am a bad person. Cause I wouldn't mind bad things happening to the people across my street who sat and prayed for the end of the world. They've also asked for a 'cleansing" as they called it to rid their world of "the gays" and the "libs".

    I've been nice too long. :)

  3. I don't much get organized religion either. Seems to me that they too often say one thing and do the opposite.

    Any way, I never expected to be any place but here today.

    Happy Sunday.

  4. Hey Jen, Mellencamp is practically a neighbor. We'll wave for you next time we drive by his house.

    Janet and Dina, I'm expecting to see all my kiddos in their seats tomorrow. ;-)