Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Blowin' in the Wind

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Dandelion Seeds
by M.D. Robinson

I awoke next to you,
Lazily taking in
The first rays
Of the new day.
And I thought about
What the day would bring.
Would it sing
With dandelion melodies,
Light and fine
Like an unexpected smile?
Would it cling,
Like burrs to socks
After walking through
An overgrown field?
The sun filtered in
Through the louvered window.
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes
And nodded to no one, really.
As I looked over
At your angelic sleeping face
I determined
That even if the day
Held the clinging field
I would find
Some dandelions anyway,
And we would make a
Day of spreading their puffball seeds
On our breath.


  1. Heh, Mason has already picked up on blowing the dandelion seeds around. Our relationship with those little plants is weird: they pop up all over going, "Hey, just about every part of me is edible!" and we do our best to kill 'em.

    Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. Typical busy Saturday morning. Things did slow down later on, and we all got to sit outside on the rubber patio. Well, Mason didn't sit, he was too busy picking up sticks & rocks. But I got a blog post in, and have posts lined up through Wednesday. TFM turns 6 tomorrow!

    My Friday Flash got delayed — I posted it on my Dark SIde blog — but it's up at TFM now. I don't hate Twilight or anything, but I know people who do & I woke up one morning with the idea in my head & Olga poking at me to get it wrote down.

    Mason's up, time for breakfast. Laterz!

  2. We've had plenty of wind to blow those dandelion puffs.

    COOL here--mornings in the 50s. So have to wear long sleeves or a jacket when going out. Nice for May.

    Survived another week. Two more then three days and poof the kiddos are gone. One more day for me and WooHoo Summer.
    Bro moving on out this coming week. Sonboy coming to help him move out his drive-in theater sceen tv.
    I splurged and bought myself a 40" LED flatscreen to replace the HEAVY old tube tv we had. Happy B'day early to me. So Bro and Sonboy can put that up for me tomorrow.

    Maria--Waiting sucks, but a plan is better than nothing. Hope the allergy woes find relief soon.

    Beth, From blowing in the wind to 20 hour working days--You are a feast or famine kinda gal. Keeping my fingers crossed for the jingle.

    Jim, Hang on just a bit longer.

    Andi, Loved the maple seeds pic and the water yesterday. My little touch of nature--You are wonderful.

    Farf, sounds like situation Normal down your way. Maybe you can spend a bit more time with Daughter Dearest now that the semester is over. Mason is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Waves to Dina, Nikki, Nancy, Kelly, MaryB, B,and all others that come a visiting.

    Now back to my story.

  3. Waves to all! Gloomy and cold here. I want Spring back.

  4. Feast or famine indeed, Lisa. Hopefully will find balance soon. Enjoy your cool temps - aiming for 91 here today.

    I tempted fate yesterday, congratulating myself for never getting sick as I tossed out expired medicines. Spent the evening with internal issues and now a sore throat. Doggone it! Ya think my body is trying to tell me something??

    Love that poem, Jim. Just love it.

    Sending warm sunny days to all suffering from too much cold and rain. I'm off to an amusement park with my cousins and their kids, 2 and 3.5. Fun times!

    Happy peaceful Sunday, y'all.

  5. So soft. Love the dof Jim. :-)

    One good thing about the rain -- matted dandelion fuzz so it can't blow around? I'm trying to find the positives of a full 7 days of rain. ;-)

    Congrats to Janet on the Sharks' win over Detroit. Janet, not sure if you know, but the Sharks draft a lot of junior hockey players from Ottawa (b/c of Doug Wilson). We were able to see Couture get drafted onto our junior team here (which was a big Drama b/c he was told he was first pick and then the first picking team went behind his back and selected John Tavares. Couture and his parents threatened to leave the OHL, press conferences galore, coaches and team owner here finally wooed them ... Anyhoo ;-). We'll be watching w/ one half heart cheering for those boys we watched grow up in hockey and the other half for the only 'home' team left to cheer for.

  6. I have fewer days than you, Lisa. Then my summer vacation is going to be different. I'm retiring.

    Farf, I've heard/read somewhere that dandelions aren't a native species to NA. The Pilgrims brought them over for their edible greens and to make wine.

    Beth glad you liked the poem.

    Dina, weather service says we're in for a gloomy and cool week here too.

    Candis, seven days of rain :-( . Been there, done that, looks like we're going to be doing it again.