Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Walk a kilometer in wet shoes.

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The Wet Grass of Morning
by Hartley Alexander

In the spring when I bathe my feet in the wet grass of morning,
I see many smiles upon the meadows. . . .
There are drops of shining dew clinging to the blue harebells,
And the little white starflowers sparkle with dew, shining. . . .
Old Woman Spider has beaded many beautiful patterns,
Spreading them where the Sun's ray fails. . . .
He also is smiling as he catches the red of the blackbird's opening wing,
As he hearkens to the mocking-bird inventing new songs. . . .
I was an old man as I sat by the evening fire;
When I bathe my feet in the wet grass of morning I am young again


  1. We've gotten a bit of rain, but need much more here. Skirts around us and comes up to hit some of you. Hopefully the storms won't be damaging.

    Jim, glad you got some riding in, but those winds--too much.

    Spent Friday night and Sat. with my 89 year old auntie. She had a health episode and called 911. No major findings so she was sent home and I was the one to stay with her. Thinks it is adverse reaction to a new drug. My cousin came in from Az. to stay with her.

    Hubby got job offer after waiting since December. WooHoo. He'll be training this next week and starting soon.

    New job for him, Bro moving out in a little less than three weeks, Daughter's new car. Things are looking up here.

    A great day to all.

  2. Jim, did you take your kids for a hike in the rain?! LOL

    Lisa, sounds like you've had a pretty good last couple of days! Let's hope tomorrow doesn't wreck it all for you…

    Kelly, if you come by later, I saw your tweet about snow. You need to move say-ooth.

    Mason's snoozin, wife just came in. Time to not enjoy myself. :-P

  3. Just got home from mostly successful Malice. Got to see Ms. Nancy P briefly. Ms. Dina briefly. Potential project in the works w/Wildside Press.

    Found out this a.m. when I was getting ready to come home that my keychain (with car & house keys) had gone awol. Near as I can tell, someone swiped conf. bag & keys from suite closet. :(

    A friend drove me home so I could get my spare car key. Had to get after-hours apt. security to make me new apt keys ($40); then drove back to Bethesda to pick up my car and now I'm finally home.

    Exhausted, damn it.

    Just ordered pizza to be delivered - first food all day. After which: naptime.

    Hooray, Lisa for things looking up!

  4. Lisa, glad things are looking up. Hope your kiddos remain calm. We had a massive case of testosterone poisoning at recess on Friday.

    Farf, my sixth graders go over to a second grade class for about half an hour on Friday mornings. They read to them or listen to them read, do math, or some project with them. On Friday we went out and measured a half km lap of the playground. Then they did another lap to make one km. The grass was wet from Thursday afternoon's rain. When they got back to the room, I had them kick off their shoes and socks if they wanted to to dry out. The funny thing was the other classes were jealous because my kids were barefooted.

    Maria, sounds like your weekend had highs and lows. Hope the pizza was good.

  5. Congrats on the job for the spouse, Lisa.

    Oh Maria, that sounds like "not fun". However, you did get to meet Nancy and Dina. Maybe the mystery writers can solve it? :)

    Farf, not sure I'd move south. The weather is not to my liking, hot or stormy and the politics... eh, not so much. But I could be swayed by some of the cooking. :) But it sounds like relatives come back to live with you forever down there. Maybe I'll just hang out here in the Maritime weather of the Great Northwest.

    I wrote something... but it's really erotic. Not sure erotic would be the term. It's downright nasty. Weird thing is, it's from the male perspective. Is that bad? I'm not sure I even want Wayne reading it ROFL. I need to take a warm up course in grammar again just to get my confidence a boost. A class in Commas would be good. :)

    KMc! I posted on your Friday Cat Blogging. Greatest cat story ever! I copied it and it's on my fridge. It's a keepah! I loved the dark humor of "Fine, I hope they do eat you!" :)

    Jim, all I could think was, "sweaty, wet feet". Ew! :)

    My Sharks have beat the Red Wings twice now! Whoot!