Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Flows the Dream

Taken May 4, 2011.

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  1. I'm back! Got our power back late last night. Unfortunately the forecast includes a high probability (60-90% chance of severe thunderstorms over the next two days) of losing it again. :(

  2. Morning Gang.

    Andi, hope your electricity stays on for a while. Feast or famine with this rain thing these last couple of years.

    The tornados and such were north of us in the metroplex.

    6 days and counting down.

    We are down to two extra kitties as Bro took one yesterday. By the weekend should be down to the regulation two. Then can clean and get back to "normal".

    Maria, we are spoiled to our AC. Hope the drops do the trick.
    Grateful for that insurance.

    Waves to Farf, Beth--great for making the final five Folgers, Janet, Jim, and all others that may come a visiting.

  3. Couldn't post yesterday at all. Today is drive by hi.

    Tomorrow is dinner with Nancy!!!!

  4. Office a/c is holding, hallelujah!!

    Lisa, glad you are okay with the storms. I've not heard from my sis, but a friend who lives in Frisco said the tornadoes passed them by in that area (whew!)

    So, I've done it. Fired the agent. On the same day I signed a contract for audiobooks. Go figure. The contract is through Wildside via Audible using some sort of small biz program that Audible offers. Really nice percentages. So, there you go. Hoping things will continue to move along.

    Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday!

  5. Happy Towel Day! And it also happens to be Mrs. Fetched's birthday! I'm going to let her be 42 all day to commemorate them both.

    A big whew for Lisa, and here's hoping the storms missed everyone else too. I don't ever remember an outbreak like this in late May; you usually see that kind of stuff in April. And Andi, may your power stay on & big storms go around you.

    You fired the agent, Maria? I thought the dust was settling. Do you have a new agent lined up, or what? Good luck with the audiobooks!

    Dina, say hi to Nancy for us!

    Mime'ing at home today. Tonight we take Mrs. Fetched to this Italian restaurant she likes. Now back to pulling this document into markup because it managed to break OpenOffice. :-/

  6. Farf - I *thought* things were settling, but agentman never bothered to return my emails/phone calls. I gave him 2 weeks. Still nada as of COB yesterday. So I emailed him that I was moving on.

    Such is life.

    I don't have anyone lined up yet, am taking it slow. Did email the Pocket editor to see if they were interested in book 6, so hopefully I'll hear back sometime after BEA (which is going on now).

    The wonderful world of publishing?

  7. Morning all, roofers pounding away overhead this morning. Qualified yay! Need to get back to the books at least a little bit today, so that's going to be interesting.

    Maria, sorry to hear about the ongoing agent angst. That's no fun at all.

    Belated congrats to Beth.

    Fingers crossed on Andi's power.

    Lisa, glad to hear things are trending toward normal. That's always a good thing.

    Hello to FarF and happy birthday to Mrs. Fetched.

    Hi to Dina and all who come in later.

  8. Sharks eliminated. My son is almost out of his mind with ... well it's hard being a hockey fan, let me tell you.

    Boss drove me home yesterday because vertigo came through my line. Hit me fast and hard. Still doped up on the anti-dizzy pills.

    "Relatives" alerted my daughter that her aunt (My Mom's sister) died last night via Facebook.

    But the Zyflamend sure helps with anti-inflammation for the shoulder!!!

    Beautiful rain sounds on a Spring day in Portland. Much better than KMc's roofers, I'm sure.

  9. We had a big storm just a little bit ago and kept it through that but there are more storms on the way. And I'm going out of town tomorrow so I feel like I'm deserting Jim and the dogs.

    Woo hoo for you and dinner with Nancy, Dina. Give her a hug from me.

    That sounds like a brave and scary thing to do, Maria. I hope it turns out really well.

    Happy towel day to you, Farf -- though the way things are going lately, panicking doesn't sound like bad of an idea.

    Yay for a at long last fixed roof, Kelly!

    Sorry about the Sharks, Janet. :(

  10. Only 4 more snow days to teach the children what they missed in January and February that they have already been tested for in March and April.

    Does that make sense?

    It shouldn't It doesn't.