Saturday, May 21, 2011

Primary Colors

Taken May 4, 2011.

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  1. Morning, gang!

    ..cont from last night - thanks for the camera info candis & Jen & Andi. I am rather gobsmacked, Andi, that you're getting those awesome pics from a P&S!!

    I have gotten a zillion recs from folks (put up my plea on Facebook), including my photog group. I think at this point, it's going to be a visit to a camera store. Will keep you all posted!

    Sinuses gone all wonky again - some other sort of pollen is king now. Le sigh.

    Discovered a nifty thing yesterday - Amazon Trade In. Electronics, DVDs, textbooks. They don't give you a whopping amount, but frankly, for DVDs, it's about what I would get on or eBay without the hassle. Found the link via

    I spent a couple of hours entering items & packing them up. Amazon even provides the UPS shipping label (or USPS, whichever you prefer). I'll be getting close to $200 in Amz gift card. Whee!

    And I no longer have 3 boxes of DVDs I never watch sitting around.

    Happy Rapture Saturday! ;)

  2. The nice thing about a p&s is that it's easy to carry around and fast to "change" lenses. Plus both the G9 & the G12 have nearly same setting controls as a DSLR, just not the flexibility. Anyway, have fun making your decision; I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever you get.

  3. Morning.

    Andi - Beautiful spring image. All the growth and reaching towards the clear blue sky. :-)

    Maria - Good luck with the decision! It sounds like you'll have lots of help close-at-hand.

    Jen - From yesterday - aw, thanks! ;*

  4. Hi all! Sunny here and hopefully it will stay around a bit.

    Maria, good luck with the camera shopping. I love my canon P&S but so not what I think you are looking for. It is the same one Donna had and I do see a noticeable difference in picture quality.

    Happy Rapture day all. I will be here tomorrow if anyone else is passed over.

  5. Nothing pisses off my right wing Pastor neighbor more than spending all that money marketing the end of the world and the torture and slow dying of all us liberal heathens... and then nothing.

    He was really upset that we didn't burn on 6-6-06 ROFL

    Rapture Crapture. There's always room for more Jell-O and Kool-Aid. Which I find it more sensible to do away with yourself than wishing the horrendous end to everyone else.

    Wayne's on his Reach the Beach charity ride today. 105 miles from here to Pacific City. Gotta go meet up with him and have some fun on the beach with the kids.

    Sharks won despite the stupid penatly calls.

    Still laughing at all the crazy religious freaks. It's like dealing with the Dark Ages peasants.

    Religion is the rich mans way of keeping the poor people from rising up and killing them.

  6. Hi Candis. The colors all did play nicely together, didn't they?

    Dina, I guess we were all passed over. Even the dogs are still here. :)

    Hope Wayne survived that bike ride in fine form, Janet. Longest ride I've ever done was 60 miles way back when and I don't think my tush has ever recovered.

  7. At last, a little time to breathe! Skylar is up here at the manor, which has been good for both him & Mason. The two were chasing each other around the living room this evening, which I hope helped to wear 'em out. But between watching them, mowing the yard (including cleaning up the mess out back), family portraits, and going back down toward work to pick up the billfold Mrs. Fetched left at a restaurant last night, it's not exactly been a day to relax. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

    Oh yeah, I made pizza for supper. Got a few slices left.

    While I try really hard to not wish ill on anyone, I kind of hope Camping's followers will stone him as a false prophet. Not very Christian of me.

  8. Andi, Wayne made it. Also made $500 for the American Lung Assoc. Turned out to be a beautiful day, some rain at the end. He downed two Amber Ales at the Pelican Brewery Finish line which is right on the beach. He did very well with his commuter bike (a Trek 720 or 710 - to him it matters but it's a bike geek thing :)

    Farf, I'm not very christian and don't try to be. :) Can I still have some Pizza? :)

    Lots of chit chat today about how people are getting fed up with this right wing religious stuff. Today, they were made to be seen for what they are... Loony. Any group or person who prays for the world to end??? That's just sick. That's a terrorist cell.

    I love the beach. you get sunburned during the cloudy spritzer rain. :)