Monday, May 23, 2011

Pay No Attention

Taken May 4, 2011.

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  1. My last Monday for the school year. WooHoo.

    Beth, You are on the FAST track. So many places to go. I'm thinking the RV or a truck with a fifth wheel or a trailer might be the way to go for you.
    Get sick of the place or the people and just hook up and go to the next spot.

    Maria, with the fan base you have, think about some singles on Kindle while you're waiting for the next contract.

    Andi, the queen of P&S pics. Love starting my week with a pup.

    Bro is gone but the cats are lingering. He has to have some work and an inspection done in his apartment so is waiting a bit to take kitties. Oh an his bedroom is still not quite empty. Progress!!
    Quiet was very nice over the weekend.

    35th Anniversary yesterday. Amazing someone could put up with me that long.

    Waves to all and Have a great beginning to your week.

  2. Morning. I guess it is. I wouldn't be feeling so tired if I'd slept to noon.

    Not a whole lot to say without getting ranty, and I have my own blog for that. I need more coffee to do a proper rant anyway.

    Happy anniversary, Lisa!

    And with that, I'll make my way to the mimes…

  3. Happy Belated anniversary to Lisa & Mr. Lisa!!

    Farf - hope your work day goes well. Sorry about the dramarama. :(

    Got to mimes this a.m. to find the server room open and multiple floor fans pushing hot air our. Don't know if it's just the a/c in the server room that's borked (separate unit), but I'm bloody warm/humid @ my workstation and hey, my fan is keeping servers cool. Ick.

    At least it's a short work day. I've got an eye doc appt later this afternoon, so I'm outta here @ 3.

    Happy Monday!!

  4. Started my homeopathic remedy for inflammation and arthritus last night. Supposed to see some improvement in a week or so. Wayne might take it for his knee when it flares if it helps me. We'll see.

    New store is opening down the street from me. Setting up my internal profile job application for that. A while back I interviewed for the perfect job for me at my employment; Customer Advocate at Store Support. Didn't get it but I was in the final round. Now they want each store to have that position. Again, we'll see. Would be less wear and tear on my body than cashier and price file auditor LOL.

    Sharks are down 3 -1 in the series. They never let a fan relax.

    Enjoying the Roku set up and can't wait to yank cable. Comcast here is being such a snatchzilla about a few things other than being Faux News brownshirts. So I'll take some pleasure in telling them to go pound sand.

    As I was leaving yesterday, I noticed my "righteous" neighbors were of little faith. They hadn't canceled their Sunda paper. LOL

    My fuschia looks brilliant, the irises are standing tall and proud, the tiger lilies are vibrant and all the pruning I did back in the Fall paid off with the Rhodies and whatever these orange and pink bushes are that are blossoming with sharp color.

    This weekend I just want to schlep around the yard pulling weeds and plotting bulb division and replanting while drinking margaritas till we both mumble incoherently.


  5. Woo and hoo and hoo and woo, Lisa, for both the last Monday of the year and your 35th anniversary!

    You're always welcome to rant here., Farf. Hugs and solace.

    Don't melt, Maria!

    That job does sound really perfect for you, Janet. Sending positive job and shoulder cure waves your way.

  6. I think the same thing, Lisa. Store my stuff with my sis, and go mobile for a while. A lot easier than this packing and unpacking rut I'm in! By dinnertime tomorrow I'll be out of here and keys turned over, storage shed secured, and wrapping up my time in Phoenix. New horizons ahead!

    Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

    Hope the day cooled down, Maria. And sleeping more than 4-5 hours/night sounds like heaven, Farf.

    No clue how often I'll be online in the coming days, but will stop when I can. Nice to know the fam is out here!

    Big tired hugs to all.