Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Many Shades of Spring

Taken April 21, 2011.

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  1. Yup, yup. Looks an awful lot like that around here, too. Green, punctuated by pollen yellow. Oh, the rites of spring: Allegra + tissues.

    Feeling better today. Got home last night and worked on galleys some more, then watched Glee. Early to bed & early to rise. 30 minutes on the bike and I'm a new woman. ::g::

    And hoorah, it's Wednesday. I can get through the rest of the week! (even though I'm working on Friday)


  2. Andi, yay spring!

    Maria, boo allergies. I'm feeling better after backing off meat for a day myself. Still need exercise.

    Flora's running riot at FAR Manor. Time to get out the implements of dee-struction (aha, exercise!). Holy moly, the blackberries are everywhere; if the rains are decent I won't have to go more than 100 yards from the manor to get a couple gallons this year. Might go down toward the pond & look for ramps later this afternoon.

  3. All we have is rain. Sigh.

  4. Too bad on the no short week for you this week, Maria, but it's good thing you won't be spending all that time at work with a headache.

    We have blackberries around here too, Farf, but the critters always get them before we do. :(

    My empathies, Dina. We've had 3 inches of rain here since Monday. But the sun is out today so I'm feeling more cheerful. I hope you get some of that same cheer soon.