Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Like Snow Falling in Spring

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  1. Gorgeous spring flowers!

    Back @ the mimes today, still feeling a bit low, but no room to take off more days. Conventions/conferences *really* take it out of me these days.

    Wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Quick dash through to say hi. Working 20 hour days is just nuts. And not much fun. Hoping things slack off soon to, say, 16 hour days :)

    Glad FM made it through - I was worried. And sorry about all the rain - weird after last year's drought. We could use some of it, as always. But we still aren't hitting 100's yet, so I'm content.

    Yay for Hubby's job and Bro's moving, Lisa! And new car - lots of great news.

    Still trying to car-shop, but hard when I'm tied to one desk or the other most of the day/night. Might find an hour to look at one today, since conference call was cancelled.

    Hope you feel better soon, Maria!

    Waving to all as I dash...

  3. Immediate Burial at Sea.

    I think I'm going to continue to be a buzzkill. Because I can't help shake the feeilng that we are being set up to fall into line that torture, illegal detention centers and spying on citizens is the new law.

    Why test our students anymore? Do away with all the SATS - just waterboard them a few times to see what they really know.

    Big Peace Vigil with Pink and Veterans this Mothers' Day.

  4. Hi, all. Back from Malice where I saw too little of Maria and Nancy.

    But home with the kitties now.

  5. Sorry you had to go back to work before you felt ready, Maria. Maybe the fun bunch you work with will make you feel all better.

    Ugh Beth. I'd be so exhausted if I was working those hours, I wouldn't be able to spell my own name. Hope it lets up soon.

    Hiya, Janet. Sorry the news is getting you down but I can certainly understand how that happens.

    Welcome back, Dina. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

  6. Coming in a little late, woo hoo. Andi, I guess your dogwoods bloom out a month after they do here. It's usually on or around April 1 here, and they were right on schedule this year despite the lingering cold.

    Maria, it's meetings that kill me. Talk about a productivity sink.

    Beth, I saw your post on your blog — can you send contact info if they're hiring? I know a fellow writer who needs a part-timer.

    Janet, I'm a little disappointed that Obama didn't let the Pat-riot Act expire too. Some of the teabaggy reprehensibles seem amenable to the idea, so they may turn out to be partially useful idiots.

    Dina, did you get pix?

    I started a new Tuesday Serial, a short story I started 5 years ago then finished last year. I dedicated it to the tornado victims from last week. Now that I started posting it, of course it starts letting me know where I need to fill in holes. :-P

    OK, see y'all in the morning!

  7. Hi Farf. The dogwoods started blooming about the third week in April and the flowers just now starting to come off. Too tired to read now but I'll stop by tomorrow to read your new serial.

    Night everybody.