Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Light Scene

Taken May 13, 2011.

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  1. Back home again in Indiana some time this afternoon. Have a good day all.

  2. I'M BACK!! That is: (a) I am back online after an unplugged long weekend and (b) stupid Blogger tricks seem to be over and I'm able to sign in & comment.

    Hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend (for us USians). It's bloody hot here (repeat of last year's spring, what spring, let's just do summer). I spent a lot of time just vegging, reading & thinking.

    Wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday!

  3. Morning! It'll be good to know you're home, Andi, even if we didn't miss you because you never left here. ;-)

    Maria, it's getting hot on Planet Georgia too. But the patio area starts to get tolerable around 5:30 because of the shade, so there's that.

    Janet (from yesterday), sometimes it is. Sometimes it is.

    Next to last part of my current serial is up…

  4. I think I'm getting old or at least is outdated. But is it just me or is it odd to announce the death of a family member via Facebook and that be the ONLY announcement vehicle?

    My Mom's sister was in the hospital for a week due to complications from cancer - which was announced on FB - and she died slightly unexpectedly. We never got a phonecall or an email and then the funeral was done two days later (this Friday) so that people's four day weekend plans wouldn't be bothered.

    I don't get it. I obviously didn't get to go. Either to see her in the hospital or to the funeral. I don't have a FB account.