Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forest Contained

Taken May 3, 2011.

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  1. Water, water everywhere...and oh yeah, flood warnings. We're square into the OMGSPRING weather still. Tornadoes in MD; T'storms elsewhere. Though, oddly, my exact area has been pretty lucky. Rain, but none of the damaging winds.

    Up WAY too early this a.m. (3:30ish) thanks to weird sleep pattern. Saw Farf tweeted that Mason woke him up around 2:15. I'll blame Mason, too. ::g::

    Glad it's my Friday today. The agency news has hit the SF/F community - reported in industry mags & various other online venues yesterday. If you want to see the actual text of the fuck-off-and-die email, go here. SFScope posted it in its entirety.

    I've already done my 7 miles on the bike. Already backed up some music files. Still nearly 2 hours before I need to leave for the mimes. I should write, but I'm truly brain fried right now. I'll be very glad to sleep in tomorrow!


  2. Lovely macro, Andi, the theme of this spring.

    Everything is wet. Generally this is a state of things I enjoy, but there's a low section of our backyard that's not been mowable since the season started due to standing water. The grass back there is past seed tall, starting to get as high as cotton. On the upside, if things don't improve by June maybe I can start getting a dollar a head for some kind of midwestern swamp expedition summer attraction. Hmm, where in hell is my Marjorie Stoneman Douglas hat?

    Maria, the sudden agency closure like that has got to be a bitter jagged little pill (nods to Alanis) for a lot of folks. Anyone up for a round of You Can't Fire Me I Quit/Take This Job And Shove It stories?

    In my early 20s I was hired at a title company run by a crooked lawyer, and as soon as I figured out he had a whole well-developed scam theft system going on, I promptly went into the conference room and announced to the clients who were about to have their closing that they needed to get up right now and leave to go hire a decent lawyer to review their paperwork because this guy was a thief, and then I looked at him and said, "Obviously, I quit effective immediately." He was a jerk about it, natch, but ultimately, he was convicted of a list of crimes from wire fraud to money laundering and he got sent to prison. /schadenfreude

  3. Love your eye, Andi. That's beautiful.

    Jen - nice. :)

  4. Hey all! The world… captured in a single raindrop. Visually poetic.

    Maria, at least it's starting to warm up here. Mason slept until 9, I managed 8:30. Coffee will save me! It took me a good hour to put pants on, but I did manage.

    I read that letter & didn't get the FOaD-ness that you did, but I'm an outsider obviously. Sounds to me like the principle ran the place & none of his family were interested in the minutiae (or maybe he kept it walled off). So when he died, nobody was capable of stepping up & running the joint, prompting the agents to quit. One of my other Twitter buds produces two podcasts devoted to SF/F media and author interviews — he might want to dedicate a 'cast to this issue, and an interview would give you a chance to plug your books too (he's good about that).

    Jen, that was all kinds of awesome. I wonder if someone in that room went on to write the script for "RV." ;-)

  5. A clarification re: agency - this email came 2 days after the email from my agent (and the 2nd agent) explaining how they'd tried to buy the agency, but heirs refused (Ralph died 9/2010, agents worked for 8 months to keep biz afloat & running). So yeah, I'm sensing a "fuck off and die" mode from heirs. Don't really know why, but these things happen with small biz.

    My biggest beef right now is that because I'm between contracts (nice way of saying "unemployed writer"), I feel I'm getting a rather short-ended stick. :(

  6. I think you use your insomnia more productively than anyone I know, Maria. When I'm awake like that, I mostly lie in bed and stew about the fact that I'm not asleep.

    Jen, that story is my idea of a great happy ending. Shoddyfreude, indeed. :)

    It caught my eye, candis, because I don't think I'd ever seen such a huge raindrop -- or maybe never seen several that had melded together but not simply flowed off the leaf.

    I was really amazed, Farf, how well defined the reflection was. I flipped the image in my image editor with the idea of posting it with the reflection right-side up but I'm so used to upside down images in drops it looked really wrong to me.

  7. Hi everyone. Another day of on and off rain here. I feel like nothing will ever dry out.

    Loved this picture. That's the way I want to see the rain :)

    Maria, I hope things pick up soon. You know I love your stuff.

    Jen, I am very impressed. I wish more title officers were like that. (I did commercial real estate for 27 years so I know title!)

    Everyone, happy Thursday.

  8. Jen, you whistleblower you! Lucky you didn't do that today or the Republican Teabaggers whould have you in a "detention center" "interrogating" you since you were trying to terrorize a rich man.

    Candis, I turned the "game" off somewhere in the 2nd period. 3 high sticks uncalled, one right in front of the Ref (Thornton was bleeding under the eye). I can't believe we got the 2nd goal called for us after such a long review. Clearly it went in but I have only been watching the game for 21 years, and you never know what the Refs are going to do or what the "War Room" in Toronto will do. I figured I was in for a hockey game not a porno. "Referees Suck Torontos Off". 7 3, my team just unraveled.

    I'm giving up cable. Screw the "news" here. Just going to Roku it from now on. Don't watch much TV but I'm sick of the propaganda and stupid crap on my tv. No wonder it's called an idiot box.

    Beth, :) The only advice I could give you would be to settle down somewhere and then travel from that point of destination... but you travel so much it tires me out just reading about it. :) Like buy a little cottage in Nowhere and travel all you ant to Everywhere. I never thought I'd call anyplace home. After growing up the way I did and then moving all over. But now that I have a home, I feel that home is where you make it and I feel at home anywhere I am at. Out camping, at the beach, with new friends, stomping around new trails. Flying down to San Jose to be with my best friend and catch some hockey. No matter where I go, there I am. I've done a few geographicals, expecting a place to make things better for me. When actually I needed to find me. Ew, sounds like too many cliches LOL. Who knows maybe you're meant to wander the world and take vacations all over. That's not a bad life.

    Pssst Gaiman has a journal up on his blog thingy about doing Doctor Who. How cool is that? Dr. Who AND Neil Gaiman!!!!???? I'm in La La La land. However I just caught on that he had some audiobook reading contest. Dammit!!! That is too up my alley. I just don't follow the blogs enough.

    Off to work. Have a great day everyone.

  9. Mad hugs back atcha Jen.

    Sorry to hear about the agent woes, Maria, that's major suckage.

    Janet, Andi, compliments passed along to my beekeeping friend--have started to be sucked into his beekeeping madness myself, not sure how that happened.

    Beth, congrats on the lease release, hope you find a place to park your stuff that suits you better, at least for a while. Glad to see from your blog that you're getting back to dream chasing.

    FarF, good luck with the submission thing and playing indy writer. It's a weird old time in the publishing industry right now, and opportunities and pitfalls abound even more than usual.

    Hang in there to them what's trying to survive the remaining few days of the school year. As Mr. Beekeeper said to Dr.Mc recently, resist the urge to climb belltowers with rifles.

    Sorry there were no cat pics this week. First blogger was broken, then I got hella busy finishing the novel.

    In Kelly news, I have mostly been dancing around about my new cover--love love love it: blogged here:

  10. OMG KMc!!! He's had so much love from his work, art and Dr. Who epi... But I just realized something... I have a Slight CRUSH on him ROFL My husband didn't find this suprising he was all, "Well duh! we all knew that" Actually crush isn't the right word. He's my favorite. And since I found his journal via your blogginess, I've found an admiration for him. Him finding Cabal, his love for his cats, all the places he visits. Pretty Damn Cool.

    Plus I just dig you two because you're doing what you love and doing it well. And you both dig cats and give them good homes.

    One of my hockey friends after the show posted to me that Gaiman did a Dr. Who episodes and I should watch it. Me and another were, "we've been talking about it for two damn weeks already LOL" and he responded with, "don't you know one of his cats?" and I said, that I knew YOU and had only seen a photo of his cat and later read about the loss of another. Very touching stuff. I'm hooked. :)

    And it's so unlike me to read someone's blog like that. But I like it, makes me feel closer to the both of you. I stay off Facebook because that's my kids domain and I find I get so caught up and it sucks my time out of me. But I'm missing out! I don't know how I managed to miss the audio book contest. But it gave me some ideas to look for work around here. Dark Horse comics is nearby.

    That pencil necked attack was just crazy. Made me mad as hell but again his words about it were right on and comforting. He gives and does so much for charity. I just hate seeing the good guys beting bullied.

    Oooh I like the cover. Draws you in. Is this part of a series or a new one? I need a new book to read.

    So when are you coming to Powells? I don't have a lightpost but I do have a neat cowboy fire pit. As well as the infamous closet I use to defrag from protests or close calls. :)

    Ooh my boss, she got in a car accident on Burnside and something flew out of the back of her car and it smashed the Powell's big panel window. Ack.

    Keep the bees, I'm allergic to their self defense mechanism... but I love love love honey. Didja know it's helpful against allergies? You should always eat your locally made honey. Very medicinal.

    Happy Early Friday night for me.

    Farf, a gentleman from Georgia came in today and it really made me think of you as he's taking care of his grandson, too. he said he was only 55 but his grandson made sure he felt like 75 but had to have the stamina of a 25 yr old.

    Jen! I've got pants on! And I'm happy :P

  11. Wise words, Janet. I keep planning on stopping somewhere and traveling from there, but never seem to manage it. Maybe I need to make more of an effort this time. I always pictured a little cottage somewhere near the Oregon coast...

    Everyone has rain but me. :( Love the world in the raindrop, andi.

    Thanks, Kelly - yeah, gotta get back to dream-chasing instead of just surviving. Working on it!

    Condo might be rented, with new tenants moving in Wednesday. Can you say OMG!?!?!? Scrounging boxes, renting storage shed, hiring movers for the heavy stuff - I'm the little engine that could. I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can.

    But I will definitely sleep on the beach for a day or so, once it's all done.

    And now, bed. Waving tiredly to all.