Friday, May 20, 2011

Forest at Large

Taken May 8, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Hi Dina. It's my suspicion that we've been moved to rainforests by powerful aliens and no one in the government is telling us. :)

    Janet, just to show what my priorities are: OMFSM, I sure hope none of the books were hurt when that window broke! ;)

    Moving to the Oregon coast, Beth, will certainly help with the rain lust you've been suffering.

  2. Andi, I think you are right. Though there is a bit of sunshine today. If it only lasts!

    I hope everyone is having a good day today.

  3. Morning all, awake early when I would prefer not to be. Having Academic politics stress in the Republican age of starving the universities to death on behalf of Dr.Mc. Urgh.

    Janet, new series, first book, comes out in November with the second out in May, which six month delivery schedule is both a good thing and very busy making. Hence the not being around here or anywhere else social as much as usual.

    Hope life isn't chewing on anyone too hard. Gotta go and take some kitty pics now, so I can get with the cat blogging in a bit.

  4. Morning, chatty people!

    Thanks for all the good wishes, re: agent stuff. It's bloody annoying, but I'm going to just ride this out. Thank goodness I have a day job!

    Kelly, LOVE the new cover art!! Can't wait to read the actual book. :)

    Andi - a question - If you were to recommend a decent DSLR camera for a fair beginner that won't break the bank, what would you recommend? I've joined the photography group @ the workplace and now need to actually buy a camera. Can't spend too much, as b/c of the agency mess, I'm still waiting for some checks. I've been eyeing Nikons & Canons, but really need something easy to learn/nice to use.

    Lovely sunny morning, but I have no idea if that's going to last. Am contemplating a trip to MOM's organic market, but am feeling rather lazy.

    Happy day-before-the-rapture! ;-)

  5. We've got sun today too, Dina. But even rainforests have sun sometimes.

    I like accelerated releases, Kelly. We geezers have a hard time remembering the details from one book to the next when they are too far apart.

    Maria, you've asked the wrong person because I use what is called a prosumer camera (previously a Canon G9, now a G12) which is a high-end p&s with lots of control. Jim and Candis both use Nikon DSLR cameras so I hope one or both of them have some advice to give you. I have heard good things about the Nikon D40 and the less expensive D3000 but I don't have any personal experience to offer. If you want to consider a prosumer camera instead, I am definitely happy with my Canons.

  6. Morning all! Running waaaayyyy behind, so I'll keep it brief. Hah.

    Kelly, good to see you back among the living-ish! I RT'ed your cover tweet when I saw it the other day, it *is* very pretty.

    Janet, I've never been out that way myself, but I will be sure to swing by the grocery if I ever do. That was funny. Lots of us out there raising our grandkids.

    Maria, I have an older model — Canon EOS 40D. Love the thing, but they were like $1200 retail. I have a friend deep into photography, he likes to haunt the local Craigslist to buy/sell things there. Some of the higher-end Canon Rebel line will suit you & won't break the budget, and they do turn up on Craigslist.

    Had a blog post every day for the last week — first time I did that in ages. FridayFlash is up, and yesterday's post gave Beth a blog-award.

    OK, that's it for now…

  7. Andi -- love the soft green this time of year.

    Maria -- It's been a while since I've bought a new camera, so not sure how helpful my thoughts are but here are a few things to consider.

    I guess first, does your photography club/members have any recommendations? What are they using and do they like their gear?

    Do you need a DSLR (p&s cameras these days are amazing, with lots of features)?

    Along with the camera, you'll need to consider lenses and what kind of subject you'll want to photograph.

    Many times the 'kit lens' that comes along / is sold with the camera body isn't the best quality etc.

    Do you want to be able to grow with the camera, if so getting the lowest or simplest model might be too limiting if you take off with photography.

    I often recommend checking out the kind of photos people are taking with the camera on flickr (using the search function), as well as lenses. Get a sense for quality and subject matter, that sort of thing.

    As for brand -- go to the camera store and hold the different cameras in your hands. Many photographers will say that Nikon or Canon or Sony or Pentax etc. fits their hands, the button layout works for them.

    Jen uses a Nikon D90 - maybe she has some more advice.

  8. Howdy, Farf. Going over to look at all those blog posts. That's a good idea about Craiglist.

    What a Lot of good ideas for Maria in that comment, candis. Especially the idea of holding the camera -- they all do feel different.

  9. love the soft green this time of year

    Me too. It is now one of my favorite colors, especially paired with that wet bark dark brown.

    Maria, I love the D90 I bought last year! It manages to be functionally idiot proof (which is a requirement for ME, I'm not implying anything, heh) and fancypantswow at the same time. Easy to use right out of the box but is letting me grow into new knowledge over time and at my own pace (slightly quicker than a lower order primate). The lenses are a cost to consider, though, 'cause the good ones ain't cheap.

    Candis helped me out a ton with the selection process, she gives awesome advice. :) By the time I bought it I felt confident and have never second guessed my decision.

    KMc, killer cover, hope it reels 'em in.

    Best wishes to all!

  10. Farf, I'm flattered by the award! Hopefully this weekend I'lll have time to respond appropriately. :)

    The Oregon coast has always called me, andi. I think I need to buy a small RV, so I can quell my wanderlust without having to incur expense to move and cancel leases and all of that stuff.

    Looking forward to the new series, Kelly! And good luck with your changes, Maria.

    TGIF, y'all. The weekend looms!