Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Five Inches of Rain

Taken May 2, 2011.

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  1. Morning All

    Boy could we still use some of the rain. Didn't even get an inch out of all the days spitting and spatting a week ago.

    Mother's Day weekend was nice. Sonboy came in and Saturday he and Daughter cleaned house and windows before the Entire family came for dinner. We fed 24, so a good crowd. Then I could rest on Sunday. That's the kind of Mother's day to enjoy.

    17 days and counting. Fast coming to an end WooHoo.
    Bro on schedule to move out next week. Double WooHoo.

    Hubby went out on call yesterday and this morning. He now works for a company that sells and maintains drug dispensing machines in hospitals and nursing homes. A cranky machine is keeping him busy. A good thing after being unemployed for over a year.

    Weather has been beautiful, but that hot part is sneaking in fast.

    Waves to all.

  2. Andi, your post title reminds me of one of my favorite Little Feat songs, that begins: "Six feet of snow..." :)

    Luckily, we have neither rain, nor snow here, just pretty, pretty days with far too much tree pollen.

    Lisa, hooray for < 3 weeks left & for hubby's new job! Sounds like you had a lovely Mom's day, too.

    I'm figuring out how to sit/balance on an inflatable ball chair (aka exercise ball). Supposed to help core muscles strengthen (which I totally need). It's fun, actually, but different.

    Hoping to spend a quiet yet fruitful day. Cheers to all!

  3. Lisa, here's to keeping everyone and thing on schedule!

    Maria, good luck with the core exercises. The TRX is great for that.

    Another beautiful day here. We really do have Spring.

  4. Lisa, I wish I could have shared it with you -- looks like Memphis wishes that even more. Yay for school ending and hubby's working. And double yay for a nice Mother's Day.

    Hey, hey (or should I say hoy, hoy) another Little Feat fan. :)

    Spring is grand, Dina -- though I'd like a temperature drop here (we're in the 80s which is too hot for me).

  5. Yeah, we could use that rain, too. Poor Memphis. And I've seen pieces on the fires in TX, Lisa - wow.

    I hope you have sunny days again soon, andi

    We had 70's and breezy here today. Just perfect. Supposed to be back near 100 by Thursday - it was a nice break today.

    Trying to find a good balance between working and not. Less than 20 hours today, which is good. Hoping for more like 10 soon!

    Off to bed. Night all!