Thursday, May 26, 2011

Come all ye maidens young and fair

Taken May 20, 2011.

Taken May 5, 2011

Taken May 17, 2011.
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  1. Well the power was nice for the 24 hours we had it. Huge storms all over Indiana yesterday. Assuming I can get out the driveway, I'm heading off for my annual meetup with my college buds. Talk to you all later ... I hope.

  2. Andi - glad you're safe, but bummer about the power. :( ::sends you loads of powerful vibes::

    Glad it's my Friday and heading into a 4-day weekend. w00t!!

    Going to try my hand at podcasting this weekend using GarageBand. Got a Blue Yeti mic, which evidently, is all the rage. (I talked to our guy/gal in-house that work on our podcasts). Thanks be to Amazon, they had it for less than retail. This ought to be interesting. Last time I tried any audio recording stuff was in college...mumblety years ago. ::g::

    I think I'm going to podcast snippets of books/short stories to post for free on my site, and perhaps record a short story to see about selling that for audiobook purposes.

    Well see how well I can figure out GarageBand. ::g::

    Happy almost-end-of-the-school-year to Lisa & near-retirement day for Jim!!

  3. Nice foliage, Andi! Not so nice with the storms. Hope you can get out soon.

    Maria, I have the Blue Snowball, and it's really nice. No background hiss, which I've had with analog mikes + adaptors. The 10dB pad comes in handy when recording The Boy's music. GarageBand works pretty well, but some of the editing functions are hidden pretty well. There's always Audacity if it doesn't do what you want. Good luck with that!

    Mrs. Fetched texted The Boy, M.A.E., and Lobster last night & told them all to find new lodgings by June 1. Lobster came home to ask what was going on, M.A.E. texted us all with "why am i being kicked out" and The Boy either doesn't care or his phone is dead again. Mrs. Fetched has half a mind to let Lobster stay because he had the guts to come back & face the music, but I don't want him here if he's smoking pot (I smelled it a few weeks ago).

    Let's hope this one sticks… Well, back to the mimes!

  4. Farf! Thanks for the rec on Audacity. I'll try that, as well. :)

  5. Pretty, delicate fronds. Love the bottom left, against the blue sky.

    Hope you have a great time Andi. And Jim, hope you and the dogs have power this evening.

  6. Drive-by hi. Maria, sorry about the agent. GRRR. Here's hoping to find a new one soonest!!

    Jealous of the storms, but not the destruction they're causing. Stay safe, you all.

    Craziness indeed, Jim. The end's in sight! Enjoy your last days.

    Maybe you and Mrs. F need to move to a one-bedroom condo, Farf! (Yes, I know that'll never happen.)

    Okay, back to work. Packed and stored all weekend. Wrapping up temp job Tuesday. Flying east for 30th college reunion and time with sis next week. Driving west and north starting the 10th. On the road again...Lisa, the tumbleweed continues to tumble.

    Andi, hope you had fun with your buds!!

    Back to work. Take care, all!

  7. Greetings from Hendersonville, NC. Long day's drive today, shorter drive tomorrow to Charleston, SC where I expect a good time will be had by a bunch of old broads. :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing your podcasts, Maria.

    Oh Farf, I wish you all the "stick" there is to be had.

    Thanks, candis for the compliments and the power wishes (which unfortunately didn't come true).

    Thanks, Beth. Only met up with 2 of the buds so far ... who joined me on the driving portion of the trip. We'll be seeing the others tomorrow and spending the long weekend together.