Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can't Be Blue When You're In the Pink

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Howdy Farf. Good luck on the story!

    Beth, summer in Idaho sounds grand. Jim and I would love to go back hiking in the Sawtooths again (and eat at Bridge Street Grill in Lower Stanley).

  2. A bouquet x 2 days--WooHoo.

    Jen, Cute Kitties. Good you are far away or I'd be adopting one.
    Glad you are getting more energy to visit us.

    Nikki, Driving is wonderful even if it is slow. And another book a coming is great too.

    Maria, agent woes suck but glad they are looking up.

    Kelly, finished book--WooHoo.

    Farf, finished story--another WooHoo.

    Beth--able to tumble to new places--WooHoo.

    MaryB, new job is great.

    Waves to KB, Candis, Janet, and any others that come a visiting.

    11 days and counting down for Summer.

    Jim, I'm as green as the forest with retirement envy.

    Andi, I hope your Honey Do list is able to keep him busy for a while since you'll both be around the house.

    Bro a moving out and already have more space-WooHoo.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  3. Today started off fairly well. Then, I got to the office, got as far as 11th floor on the elevator. A woman got off. The doors refused to close all the way and the damned thing was stuck.

    A couple of moments fumbling with the buttons and I was free. Got off on 11 and went up to 12 in the other elevator car. (would have walked if it hadn't have been for the heavy tote bag & coffee.

    I am not taking this as a sign for the rest of the day.

    I am not taking this as a sign for the rest of the day.

    I am not taking this as a sign for the rest of the day.

    ::crosses fingers::

  4. Oh yeah, totally (and still) envious of Jim's pending retirement.

  5. Aw, Maria, you might consider making your way home early (and CAREFULLY!), taking off your shoes and pants, opening up some relaxing format of your favorite stories, and commencing with the drinking of your favorite adult beverage until the universe stops fucking with you.

    ::giant hugs to Kelly and Candis::

    Thanks also to those who offered to take kittens were it more conveniently possible. We still need to find good homes for these lil bits and I fear I am about to learn exactly where the line is in between Eccentric Cat Lady and Call Animal Control Because Pet Hoarder. ;p

  6. Hi everybody! Not sure what the pink ones are, but the wild violet is obvious (my yard was that color in March) and the bottom-left pic looks like the flowers the sprang up along the bank after I cleared it off.

    Jen, the kitties are adorable. All but the tux resemble cats who have owned me at some time in my life. Oh, and we once had two cats who gave birth at once… at one point, we had like 14 cats running around.

    Beth, cue up your buddies singing "On the Road Again" …

    Lisa, sounds like you had a whole bag of woohoo to share with us! That's a good way to start a day, huh?

    Maria, if you have much/any upper body strength, elevator doors can be pried apart. The most valuable things you learn in college are often not learned in a classroom. :D I'll see your Jim-retirement-envy and raise you a green-eye.

  7. Okay, this is REALLY cool! <a href="> Willy Wonka cast reunites after 40 years</a>.

    It's a HuffPo article, but there's a nice embedded video from the Today Show appearance.

  8. Hiya Lisa. Happy 11 days and counting. :)

    Is it blue of pink, you find so funny, candis? ;)

    Eek, Maria! That would make me turn around and go (down the stairs first) back home.

    I would come over and get one, Jen, if only because would be a great excuse to come see you; however, I have two small (well actually medium-sized) impediments to that plan.

    Upper left pink is a rue anemone (also found in white as in yesterday's post), Farf. The bottom right pink is a wild geranium. Bottom left are phlox (also called sweet william).

    I don't think I want to watch that video, Maria. I feel old and cranky enough as it is is. :)

  9. Hey Andi - if I find myself in Stanley this summer, will stop there for a bite. What a great town! Just can't get too excited until condo rents...

    Wish I could take a kitty! Will just have to enjoy the pix instead for now.

    No work yet today - wow! I might actually leave the house and run an errand or two. High of 80 predicted today - the breeze is shifting everything on the balcony around and sending the windchimes into orbit.

    Waving to everyone - have a great day!

  10. There's Jen telling people to take off their pants. Again. :)

    I'm trying to figure out how the hell Beth can handle moving around so much. The relocation expenses and the having to deal with address changes alone would have had me laying low. Moving is such a freaking hassle to me. Mentally and physically as well as financially. I'm not "hobo"phobic but dayam! I think fugitives settle down longer than you do. :)

    Here's hoping my Sharks can beat the Refs tonight... I mean the Canucks - who dive. What an embarrassment!

  11. Waves to all. Drive by hi so congrats, take care, good luck - to be distributed as needed.

  12. Heh, Jen doesn't swing my way, so taking my pants off for her would be kind of pointless! (runs away)

  13. Okay, if Grandpa Joe is actually still with us, I NEED to know his list of vitamin supplements.
    ::goes to check::
    ::moment of silence for The Man, Jack Albertson::

    Andi, it has been a ridiculous amount of time since we have seen one another, considering how physically proximate we are, but this same damn flare has been beating me down for almost a year and I've just been in absolute hell with it. New meds & diet help some but not enough. Waiting right now to hear back from the doc's office about changing my rx.

    I think fugitives settle down longer than you do.

    lolol {{{dj}}}

    Re: pants, have you seen this Venn diagram? TRUTH, sister, you know it.

    Farf, fwiw, one of the main reasons why I use the word "queer" as a self-descriptor is because I swing in multiple directions. :) Although lately, my swinger is pretty much up on cement blocks in the side yard, so you certainly don't have to run very fast, lol.

  14. Now that you mention it Andi, you posting pink is rather giggle-inducing. ;-) But it was your second day of lovely flower storyboards that put those large smiles on my face.

    Hugs back Jen!

    Janet -- I did see the prick ... haha, wondered if you'd notice. And I agree with you about the diving. It's all the sports talk people are discussing today.

  15. I hope everything works out perfectly for you, Beth.

    Jim and I are in full agreement with you about moving, Janet. Actually we're better than you since you did a really big move not that long ago and we haven't moved for 32 years.

    Howdy Dina. Waves back.

    I hope the meds change makes a difference, Jen. And I sure hope we can get together soon.

    Are you suggesting, candis, that you don't see me as the pink lady type. :P

  16. Andi, you are a very pink lady. Trust me, I know pink :)

    No info from the MRI on my shoulder so they just did a CT on my collarbone. MRI showed arthritus and not much they can do for that. Gonna check my collar area to see if there's any cracks or schmuckola going on. So no surgery but still in pain. Crap.

    I've reached our family max on the high deductable in just two months... "we're number one!" LOL

    Jen, with all those cute kitty pictures going on, I'm sure you have a pussy picture file somewhere on your computer :) Sorry about the flares, but they are back in style as are hip huggers. :D

    Candis, game 2 tonight. We shall see. NHL Officiating has been a joke for about 5 years. If they truly wanted to get rid of the head injuries, they need to do away with the kevlar body armor elbow and shoulder "pads". They aren't necessary for injury prevention (the old pads could do that) and just being used as a weapon. If you compare the new body armor for the shoulders and elbow with what they were using just a few years ago, you'd freak out. I only know this cause Mr. Damnit used to play competively.

    Well Andi, as to the moving... We used to be military so would move alot which was usually every two years. And we didn't get to travel. Vacation time was usually used up for funerals or other "fun" issues. I'm think I'm here in Oregon for the long haul. I've pretty much unpacked most stuff and am even putting up artwork on the walls (gasp)


  17. Jen, I thought you'd laugh at my "hobophobic" word :)

    Nothing on me swings but I do jiggle and wiggle in place that I'd prefer didn't.

    As to identifiers: I love using some words like calling my husband my "Partner" - which actually is my preferred name for him as that IS what he IS. My partner. As he's not the one to "cherish and OBEY"... But you won't believe how many people will stop and stutterstumble when I use it. They even ask, "are you gay?" Nope. He's my partner in more ways than one. He's even my hockey game partner. Stand in line at the hockey bar partner. Actually we're more of a tag team when we que up in lines. My line is faster, he's with me.

    But I think if someoone forced me to say if I was straight or gay, I wouldn't be able to answer that. It's not that I think or don't think people have a choice... It's just that if I think about it really deeplly, I think I am appreciative what both sexes have to offer in a relationship. Not that I'm bisexual. I find some women completely and fantastically amazingly erotic. And I find some men completely disgusting and total turn off sexually. I wouldn't be able to totally answer because I'm not sure what the question is. What the criteria is for me saying I'm one way or the other. Maybe I'm just a queer straight person? :)

    Or maybe it's like how I answer the really hard question of our culture nowadays, "paper or plastic?" Eff you, I brought my own bag. That's the type I am :)

    And I love you very much. And I'm keeping my pants on, sugar lips.

  18. I was thinking more of the yucky (to me) drink, Janet, but we'll go with your vision of pink instead. :)

    Also ... GO SHARKS!

    And good night all.

  19. Most of the drinks I make are pinkish. You'd adore em, Andi.

    Good night. Off to get some grubs and school lunch material for tomorrow. Then I'm coming home and totally numbing out. My shoulder feels like one big toothache.

    Thinking about going to a naturalpath for my vertigo and possibly for athritus. Or at least go back to the needles in the face routine...

  20. Most of the drinks I make are pinkish. You'd adore em, Andi.

    Good night. Off to get some grubs and school lunch material for tomorrow. Then I'm coming home and totally numbing out. My shoulder feels like one big toothache.

    Thinking about going to a naturalpath for my vertigo and possibly for athritus. Or at least go back to the needles in the face routine...

  21. Maybe I AM a fugitive...heh heh.

    I move as cheap as possible, Janet. I pack myself, scrounge boxes, haul stuff myself. I've changed addresses almost more than underwear (okay, not quite). I am growing weary of it, but just can't find that place that calls to me and whispers "home."

    One of these days...

    In the meantime, you can always find me here, even if you don't know where I am physically!

  22. Janet, yeah know about the equipment. Have bags of it in the basement. They also talk a lot about shifting the culture by changing the way the young players are introduced to the physical aspects of the game (defensive play, body checking, etc.).

    In other exciting hockey news, Hockey Canada announced today that the 2013 Women's World Hockey Championships will be held in Ottawa. Can't wait.

    And btw, did you catch the Eager penalty box flasher? LOL, CBC aired it.