Friday, May 13, 2011

Cancelled Flight

This was originally Saturday's post but the title seems to make it a perfect "I guess we're back" post.

Taken May 3, 2011.

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  1. So glad to see we are up and running again.

    I thought is was just me when I couldn't post on Wed. given all the times I have had posting in the past.

    Welcome back, everyone!!

  2. Definitely not just you -- all of blogger everywhere went down. Just a little reminder of the frailty of an online world. I don't know if we'll get yesterday's post back or not.

  3. ::clutches you all tight::

    So weird to not have our little corner of the Internets available!

    Gray & drizzly here with accompanying weather headache. Spent the day lounging about and talking over a project with Carla.

    News from agentville - turns out he & fellow agent had been trying to keep the agency afloat & buy it out, only the heirs had other plans. So my agent is starting his own agency. Things still up in the air right now, but at least I know that there's a plan.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Maria, you gotta ease up a bit -- I can't breathe! :)

    I wish you had had better news from the agent but I guess that's at least hopeful news.

  5. Backaroni!

    Knew it wasn't my wifi because we just got Roku all set up and our Nooks worked and we're pulling the cable out. No more TV stupidity in the house and no more Fox Crap on my hockey viewing machine and game box. :)

    Sharks Won!!!! Going in to the 3rd round with Vancouver!!!!! :) :)

    Read about Neil Gaiman being attacked my the Republican arsehats who also want to attack the arts and intellectuals. His response on his blog summed things up... summarily. Another reason I love reading his words.

    Missed Kmc's Puddy Pix.

    Off to see the Winter Hawks here in Portland in an elimination game tonight with some co-workers. Much needed hockey "respite" as she's in remission from breast cancer and his mom just had brain surgery due to cancer. Mucho Healing. So it's nice to be the ones to see to it that others in pain get a time off for a bit.

    Glad you're back WHEW!! I missed ya!!!