Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Bit of White in the Right Places Can Do Wonders

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  1. Those are gorgeous photos, Andi!

    Today is a long babysitting (my great niece) day for me ... a morning shift and then a longer afternoon shift. I'm looking forward to it... Weird though, it feels like the first day of school this morning.

  2. Hiya kb! How have you been doing?

  3. Well, in the good news department, only some of those flowers look like they're drowning. Unlike much of the rest of our region, which appears to be going the way of Atlantis. We should probably start googling together some kind of emergency map showing possible boatways between our domiciles, just in case that one dude got his math right this time and the apocalypse is indeed scheduled to commence this weekend. Maybe I can convert the riding mower into some kind of hoverboat. ;p

    I'm sorry for having been so absent for so very long but I've been wrangling cats to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. The kittens are just about nine weeks old now so hopefully soonish I'll be able to get back to doing more of the things I like to do with my limited energy, like socializing with you lot. :) Of course having eight cats in the house is nothing like having eight kids -- especially as I did not have to do any of the considerable labor involved in babymaking, birthing and nursing -- but it's enough to convince me that I made the right choice when I decided not to become a mother, which I'd very much wanted to do when I was younger. But the sacrifices I am compulsively driven to make even for kittens are far too great for my own self-preservation, and I know that with children it would be godzillian times more intense. So, whole clip of bullets dodged there, heh. Good to know!

    The wee babes are all litter box trained now (most of the credit for that goes to E) and they are eating real food, they have had their first round of vaccinations, they are showing their personalities in a major way, and they are real cuties:

    gray & white

    As always, I hope that you are all well as can be!

  4. Wow, what a great week. First Mary, then kb, and now you, Jen. And the kitty pictures! I think gray & white is my favorite but I love the tabby pic too and tuxedo and gray are so adorable ... oh never mind on the favorites.

  5. Morning, all!

    Jen! Glad to know the kits are doing well, and that you're hanging in there. Raising kittens is HARD.

    KB, nice to see you around!

    Woke up early today & worked on a collaborative project which I can't disclose at this time. We're working on background stuff (world-building) which is often my favorite part. :)

    Still trying to drum up business @ my blog for the guest posts. Even if you don't want to enter the contest, would you mind stopping by & commenting?

    Cold & raining here - just the perfect (!) weather for our admin group lunch outing...not. Oh well. We'll not melt.

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. I love this place, it's so great to see everyone again! I'm doing OK now but, I've had two bouts of bronchitis (or one bout that never went away? )since I saw you ... and I hate whining about that all the time.

    In happier news, I've got my knitting mojo back and finished a sweater!! Sadly, I'll have to wake up a little more before I can post a photo of it.

  7. Morning!

    Staying home again due to vertigo. It pulled me in late Saturday night. Today I'm feeling more myself but exhausted. Rumbly tummy and "cloudy" ears. Staying in bed is a drag, man.

    Candis! Thanks for the congrats and the tidbit on Logan. We manage to give up our leads in the third. Stinking Prevent Defense crap of ours. They try to sit on a lead rather than play. ACK.

    Cute pooties, Jen! I hear you on the date. My whacko neighbors are going totally bonkers. Even have become super mean and nasty. To the point where other neighbors of the apathetic persausion have noticed the strangeness. You see, they are getting ready for The Rapture. So they don't really care anymore about pretenses of being good christians. LOL At least now we know why they never sent their 3 boys to school and why they all don't have jobs and mooch off of us taxpayers.

    Congrats Farf!!!

    Back to wooziville. My hiccups have turned to something more concerning...


  8. Are there editors anymore?

    I just read a murder "mystery" by a Lisa Jackson, "If She Only Knew"... and there were no less than 10 spelling errors in it. It takes away from the story. But to find that many erorrs? Really?

    Also, I don't like buying a murder-mystery book that I can figure out within the first two chapters. I even scolded myself and thought that my guess must be wrong because it was too easy. That there must be some mystery to it. I hate ending a book with a roll of the eyes and a few choice cuss words. Waste. Of. Time.

    I think that's why I liked Nancy P's writing her mysteries. They engaged me and made me think, detect and get surprised.

  9. Read mine, Janet! Though they're so expensive you'd need to get them from the library!

    I'm driving again, cautiously and like a 90 yr old who's just had her first lesson - but it's freedom from dependency and it's wonderful! My wrists are intermittently painful and still very weak but at least I'm feeling more human. Nearly finished the first draft of my 3rd Victorian 'history mystery', so my brain is beginning to work again too. Been a long, long haul since 29th January, and still a long way to go, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Happy day to everyone.

  10. Hi, everyone.

    Love the kitten pictures. Wish I still had the energy to have a kitten.

    Rainy and cool here. An ark might not be a bad idea these days.

  11. This may get posted twice - google is playing with my head.

    Hi, everyone.

    Love the kitten pictures. Wish I still had the energy to have a kitten.

    Rainy and cool here. An ark might not be a bad idea these days.

  12. Andi, those are lovely. Great to post them in a storyboard.

    Delicate flowers growing in the woods are often more lovely than a deliberate garden imo. The contrast between hard stems and soft petals, and joy of coming across them, solitude in which they grow, etc. :-)

    Janet, there's a nice article about Couture in the Mtl Gazette: link

    Hellos to all, esp katiebird and Jen and Maryb who have been missed.

  13. Comment made, Maria. I will be sure to go over every day.

    Ugh. I hate bronchitis, kb. I went through several years of having a severe bout every winter. Looking forward to a link to the sweater. :)

    Janet, I definitely hear ya on the poor editing of some books. It seems like every book I've read recently has been at least 50 pages longer than any decent editor should have let it be.

    Nicky, I have checked for your book in the libraries in three counties with no luck. We need American editions!

    Dina, twice is good. We're happy to have more of you. ;)

    Of course, when you take macros in the woods, candis, you do have the slight problem of impatient puppies who think if come over and harass you, you'll get up off your ass already and get back to walking.

  14. Jen! And cute kitty pics! Whee!

    Okay, exclamation point abuse, I know, but I am in an exceptionally fine mood. The book is done, and I'm in the perfect place in my production schedule for a few weeks. Book 1 is revised and recently accepted (not my problem). Book 2 is out with first readers but I don't expect to hear anything back for at least a couple of days (also not my problem). And book 3 is not yet started (so its still all open skies and limitless possibilities as its theoretical perfection has not yet had to face its actual flaws and limitation). I feel like I'm made of sunshine and kittens (in a good way).

  15. Yay for done book, Kelly!!

    Update on my agent sitch. News now official (as reported in Locus Mag).

    Upshot? Got a blast email from Vicinanza heirs today to all clients basically saying - fuck off & go find yourselves new representation. They will continue to send royalty checks, but evidently, not running the biz as an agency. WTF? In any case, my plan is to stick with Chris (Lotts). Waiting to hear from him (which I expect will happen within the week).

  16. Nicola, I will definitely look into that! Thanks!

    Kmc! Congrats! Missed your Cat Blog this week. Please let your beekeeping neighbor who does other things, like defend himself wonderfully against Republican Bullies, and perhaps write a few good stories... that we LOVED the Dr. Who episode he wrote. OMFG! We're such Dr. Who freaks in this house that we all looked at your DW photos on your trip :) Coolness!

    Maria sorry about the crappy ass email. I guess they felt it was classier way of dealing with business than texting it... You'll be good hands. And in good thoughts :)

  17. Ohmigosh I forgot. Thank you Candis for the hockey link. Gonna slap that one over to my hocke friends. They'll think I'm so "in the know" LOL

  18. Candi, you'll love this. Great write up and photo of our Logan. But there is a horrible typo under the photo.

    "San Jose’s Logan Couture, a Calder Trophy finalist and the Sharks’ first-round entry draft prick (ninth overall) in 2007."

    Draft Prick?? LOL

  19. Hey Kelly, I hope that mood lasts and lasts and lasts. And seconding Janet on Gaiman's Doctor Who script. It was brilliant, sexy, funny, clever, and just the right amount of sad.

    That's a strange way to run a business, Maria, but I'm glad you've got a new home.

    *snort* on the typo, Janet.

  20. Andi, and might I say that my "coolness stock" has risen in my kid's circles because I know a guy who knows Gaiman's pussies. :) Thanks Kmc!!! That means I'm up to about a negative 3 now instead of an entire 5er below. :)

    Also, if you ever need a cat sitter... I'll fly in, man. No big deal. LOL

  21. Thought I posted this morning. Must have gotten distracted.

    But hey, good news — Rick Bylina just posted on his blog again! I left him a comment to let him know where we all were.

    Maria, sucks about the old agency. Good to hear you've got your agent back though. Hoping he'll actually pay attention to you now…

    Submitted a story to a podcast last night. I'll let y'all know what happens when I know. ;-)


  22. Sounds like you need your own term for happy Farf news, Farf!

    Cause it sounds like you're 'Farfetgruven' it, man :) Who knows, we might even be able to turn that into a commercial, for cars perhaps. :)

    Cue the Snoopy Dance of Joy 5, 6, 7, 8!

  23. Wow! Busy day on the old blog front!! Waving madly and belatedly to all familiar faces who popped up today.

    Ending another 15 hour day. Heading for the hot tub to soak for a bit before crashing.

    Yay for good news on book and agent fronts, yay for kitties, boo for poor health.

    My landlords are releasing me from my lease, so I should be heading northward in a couple of weeks, if everything works out. Summer in Idaho, then who knows? Feet are itching...

    But now to soak, and then to bed. Still wishing Ma Nature would send some of that rain this way...