Monday, April 18, 2011

Zen Sniff Ponders Watching Grass Grow

Taken April 9, 2011.

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  1. I watched the grass grow over the a purely existential "do nothing of value" sort of way.

    Saturday dawned gray & stormy, so pretty much, I just relaxed and watched HP: Deathly Hallows part 1 & all the extras. and napped.

    Sunday: more of the same, only this time, I was watching old Highlander episodes. Amused me to see Jason Isaacs (Luscious...ahem, Lucius Malfoy) in one of the eps.

    Now, it's back to the mimes, hoping for a quick work week as I'm back on my 4-day schedule.

    How's about you all?

  2. That sounds wonderful, Maria! It's nice to take time for yourself in this crazy busy world. I'm actually taking your lead and reading this morning. And feel decadent!

    I love that picture, andi. Lots of pensiveness going on.

    Nancy was way too kind in yesterday's post. I enjoyed every second of my time with her, and in Flagstaff. Time spent with a friend is valuable, however it's spent.

    I think I'll read another chapter before starting my day - have a good one, all!

  3. Had a fairly productive weekend but the body, she aches.

    Happy Passover tonight, all who celebrate.

  4. Aten't dead yet. However ~5 weeks of travel in 3/12 months has taken its toll both on me and on writing time. Will continue with the lurking at least till I'm caught up on the book. See you all intermittently.

  5. Intermittent Hello! :)

    Playoff hockey, school stuff with Wes, practicing cake truffles, cleaning house and attending playoff hockey games... I'm frazzled and tired. Not to mention I'm pulling two 12 - 8 shifts this week starting today. Flump.

    Spring has sprung but it's a wet one. Have a pack of dandylions all over the yard. Dandylions of the VerriMossee. :)

  6. Kindle3 vs Nook and NookColor:

    This weekend I bought Danni a Nook so she can d/l library books. It'll be perfet for that. Wayne saw it and fell in love with it while we met for lunch. So he put his bike on my car and we drove over and went bersekoid over the NookColor. They've been playing with them and showing me all the cool stuff they can do.

    Makes me Kindle3 look like a lameO! Even the Nook web browser is faster and much easier to use! AND they can read theirs without the lights on. So now we have one of each. I wish I could return the Kindle and get me a NookColor now.

    First thing Wayne did was buy John Francis' Planet Walker and another of his books. Then he found Carlos Casteneda was free.

    I brought the new gadget idea into the house and here I am with ebook envy. :)

    Beth and Nancy, so glad you could hook up. Yeah, I'm envious over that, too.

    I've got to get my Andi Tree Art print to the printer peeps and get that sucker up on the wall. I love it.

  7. Those do nothing weekends are the best kind, Maria. I wish you many more.

    It's amazing how well Sniff fakes being pensive, Beth. I would like to be able to successfully emulate him -- it would make family gatherings so much better. ;)

    A very intermittent hello to you, Kelly.

    I'll be really interested to hear how the photo turns out, Janet.