Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post


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Inside Out
by Bill Yake

Trees are our lungs turned inside out
     and inhale our visible chilled breath.

Our lungs are trees turned inside out
     and inhale their clear exhalations.


  1. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Happy Easter to those that observe.

  2. Hi, Dina.
    Ooo, nice poem. Inhale, exhale, all hale and hearty.
    The limbs of that reflected tree look as if they're saying, threateningly, "I'm coming to get your leaves."
    I told my mother I'd go with her to church this morning. Knocks head against pew.

  3. Up much much much earlier than I'd have preferred, but hey, it's Easter! There will be naps later.

    I'd have contributed the song Delphinia (of White Pickups) sings on Easter morning, but I haven't written it yet. :-P

  4. Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Hippity hoppity!

  5. Hi, all.

    Nancy, this is what I was thinking of when I took the photo. I'd read the little poem earlier so it was in my mind when I saw the reflection of the tree's branches.

  6. Spent the morning at the VA ER.

    Wanna see how the people "support the troops" go to a VA ER. It's really really bad. Some of our vets live in their wheelchairs and stay at bus stops. They stay dry waiting for meds at the VA. Nice easter.

    Anyways, my husband's knee gave out this morning and in alot of pain. He's been needing a new one for years but the VA keeps passing the buck. I figure, the military fricked it up, the military can fix it. The DAV is on his side, too. I know that's just a pipe dream, but the Navy lied about everything else he signed up for (GI Bill, anyone? LOL) so we're sticking it to them over the knee.

    Take those made in China yellow ribbons and shove them. Give your 4.99 to the homeless guy because most likely he's a Veteran.

    Happy Chocolate Zombie day.

    To the Fundies, focus on your Easter Eggs and not everyone elses ovaries.

    Heard about your storms. Glad you're all safe and slightly sound. I worry about you guys in twister land. Yesterday was gorgeous here. Today... not so much. But no tornadoes. knock knock.

    Wayne got me my own NookColor :)