Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Maple Leaves: Red in the spring too

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Joy Of Spring
by David Whalen

A Spring morning
A warm breeze
doves cooing softly
Pollen dusted trees

A few brave violets
A red streaked dawn
A very early robin
Earthworms in the lawn

Spring peeper frogs
Smell of dogwood blossoms
Nature’s petroglyphs in muddy bogs
Footprints left by possums

Easter eggs and bonnets
Chocolate rabbits, Missing ears
Jelly beans and sonnets
Spilled Easter baskets, children’s tears

leafy bowers
Spring showers

Spring mornings
Warm breezes
Deep breaths
Allergic sneezes

Smell of Fresh blossoms
Sound of birds as they sing
Joy of life.. joy of being…
…Joy of Spring


  1. continued from yesterday.

    I'm sure the family would survive be put under a microscope, Lisa. They do it to each other often enough. :)

    Sounds like a truly fine day, Beth. Glad you enjoyed Flagstaff and Macy's (as if I had any doubt). If you go back, I heartily recommend the going to the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Riordan Mansion, and Walnut Canyon. And you go for longer, there's Wupatki and Sunset Crater. Oh yeah, and there's little known but interesting side spot called the Grand Canyon.

  2. Oh, I'll definitely do more wandering, andi. I'll add these to the list. Thanks for all of the pointers!

    Today is catch-up day. Looks like the online job is going to explode, so will enjoy the free time while I have it.

    Love those baby leaves!

    Happy Sunday to all.

  3. Wow, lucky am I! Mary B. one weekend, Beth the next. I can't even begin to tell you how generous and kind Beth was yesterday with her time and her car. She drove me here, drove me there, and was funny and fun and sweet all day long. Well, I guess I did begin to tell you, but that doesn't do her justice.

    My flight over the Grand Canyon was the bomb!