Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

More Maple Flowers

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Winter to Spring
by Anon.

Winter's cold remains.
From gray's veil, colors emerge.
Soft at first, welcome.


  1. The kitten pile grows;
    it nurses, chills, and explores.
    Four weeks old today.

  2. What a bunch of cuties, Jen.

  3. Love the kitties, Jen. The grey one looks a lot like my Shadow.

    Happy Sunday, people.

  4. Cute * 4, Jen! I had a grey cat once. Of course, I called her Monochrome. Her mom was a calico, whose name was Fractal. She was such a sweet thing.

  5. Kittehs!!!! Nom! Nom! Nom!

    Off to a hockey game with my peeps. I organized this so we'll see how it goes. Eek! I'm so disoranized it's not even funny. All but two paid so far but those I know will pay. 14 of us going. Go Winter Hawks!

  6. What sweet sweet faces, Jen. Lurve.

    Andi? Two words: Indian food.
    Okay, a few more words--I had a lovely lunch with Mary B. in St. Louis today, it was really great to see her again, and we wished you (all) were there.

  7. Kitties!!! Oh yeah ... hi Jen. :)

    Hi Farf, Dina, and Janet.

    Nancy, Mary took you to the India Palace! But, but that's our place! I feel so betrayed. [Did that sound pathetic enough? I want to be sure I get it right before I try it on Mary.]

  8. Oh Jen, thanks for the pictures of cuteness! I'm all warm and fuzzy, looking at them. Enjoy them for all of us!

    Indian food sounds yummy! Glad you got to spend some time with maryb, NP. Looking forward to seeing you next week!!

    Yesterday was 40's and raining, great spring day. The sun returned today, though, and will be 90 by next weekend. So I'm enjoying the break.

    Nothing exciting here. Just wanted to say hi, and send "hope you're well" wishes to all!!

  9. Aw, but Andi,she loves you best! ::picks chicken marsala out of teeth::

  10. We won! Even partook in a hat trick celebration!

    Hey Nancy! Danni had out her Nancy Drew CD-Rom games and I wondered why we couldn't be playing something a bit more adultish like ... JENNY CAINE!! Ever thought of putting them into a game mode for moms and teenlets?