Friday, April 8, 2011

Standing for the Light

Taken March 26, 2011.

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  1. Standing tall, reaching for the heavens. Lovely image! I started a short story this morning--sort of an outtake from my series. It's the tale of when Niko & Tucker first get together. Came to me while I was riding the exercise bike. ::g::

    My gorgeous spring has morphed into raw, cold, rainy. Oh, weather, how you mock me. Stopped by MOM's organic market yesterday evening to pick up some fruit and local bee pollen. The latter is for allergies. I've heard tales of it helping, so what the heck. Can't hurt, right? Stirred some into my oatmeal this a.m. I'd try the local honey thing, but I really, really detest the taste of honey. I'm hoping the bee pollen helps with the histamines. Rumor has it that "we ain't seen nothing yet" re: tree pollen. Yikes!

    Off to the mimes in a few as this is make-up Friday #1. I'll be working a full week next week, which, eeek! I'll survive, but I'm going to be cranky about it!

    I've successfully achieved a place to stay for Malice Domestic (in 3 wks) - had put off registering b/c I figured I'd just drive up each day, but it's in Bethesda, though while close, it's kind of a pain to get to.

    Verena, who is on the board, graciously offered me a bed in her FREE room! So I can afford to stay after all. Yay!!

    Happy Friday, y'all!

  2. One of my ambitions is to go to Malice Domestic, Maria, so picture me green! All I need now (all!) is to find a US publisher...

    Still sunny and warm here.

  3. Sorry about the allergies, Maria. I didn't have them in FL for the first time in my life, but they're back with a vengeance here in the desert, so...lots of green growing stuff here right now. Sniff sniff.

    Quick fly-by...running from one job to the next. Oh, jingle co-writing friends finally explained why they've been keeping me out of the whole project. Bad decisions all around, but nothing malicious. So I'll keep advertising it, and hoping we win, THEN I can tell folks I was involved.

    Anyway, happy Friday y'all!!!! Weekend ho!

  4. I'm off to St. Louis today and will probably get to see Mary B.!!

  5. Maria, so glad you got the room. I can't wait for our annual Lebanese Traverna meal!

    Weather not great here but not too bad. I went back to the gym for the first time in ages and am really feeling it, but in a good way.

    However, I am fed up with idiots!

    Happy Friday. Nancy, travel safely.

  6. It's a beautiful day here in Portland! But it could change in 25 minutes. :)

    Saw my doctor today and I'm going into a (hell I don't know what he's called but he's the same surgeon who removed the cyst off my wrist (Cue Dr. Seuss!) a few years back. Probably going to get cortisone shots into my collarbone due to arthritus stuff. Been doing PT for 2 years and getting nowhere so this is the next step.

    No stoner loophole for me for naseau in order to make butter as a consistent dose medicine for someone who really needs it but the law doesn't cover his needs like, speech, ability to focus, an end to violent episodes, sibbing and ripping at his skin - however it's now seen as medicine for patients with Alzheimers for just about the same reasons someone with autism or aspergurs might need it....

    But I could give him "medicine" that would make him drool, zombify him and give him palsy in his hands and feet. (Ever wonder why older people with autism in residence centers shake??? messed up meds do that to ya) Anywhooo... I'm so glad that the righteous rightwing are protecting my loved ones from such a dangerous substance such as marijuana while they kill and murder women, children abroad and at home. God Bless Every One of Them.

    Yeah Andi, I've got Moss. In Summer they'll be big fat dry patches though. :)

    Farf, Mason is such a cutie. Been some nasty arse bugs crawling around here, too. One put Danni out for an entire week. And out - I mean OUT. She was in her bed for 3 of the days. No calling, no computer, no texting, nothing. That's SICK for a 16 yr old girl.

    Wes just helped me make some mocha java brownies from a mix we got at work. I just wish it was the kind that would help him out.

    But then as one nice man once said, "bad laws are meant to be broken by good people."

    Have a great and truly FREE and BRAVE weekend you sillies. xoxo

  7. Maria, that's really cool that your Malice Domestic weekend has shaped up so nicely. Not so cool on the pollen.

    Sunny and warm -- way to kill off those nasty weather stereotypes about England, Nicky.

    I'm glad you got an explanation from your friends but getting the recognition from the start would still have been better.

    Ooh Nancy, I'm simultaneously jealous of both you and Mary.

    Dina, are you going to have a mezza? Best one I ever had was at a Lebanese restaurant in Evanston, IL where the highlight of the absolute wonderfully selections was the goat cheese brought to the table by the grandmother who made it.

    Shots in your neck, Janet? That sounds not fun. I had one in my lower back once and it hurt just about as much as the back -- I hope that's not the case for you.

  8. Andi, a while back I thought it was shoulder pain due to work repetition. turns out it was my collarbone has arthritus from itty bitty cracks in it - basically like bursitus in my collarbone. They can't do electric therapy (don't laugh) on it as it's too close to my heart. Probably won't be fun but it's no fun now. I did all my PT and kinda fudged out on it at the end because it just wasn't helping. Although I adored my PT guy.

    ARGH Kos diary about rape laws in Idaho and teh Feds attack on Planned Parenthood have me in a weird state. I've been flashing back on my survival story alot lately and one night I even had a horrible nightmare. Woke up and I swear that I could smell the dirt and blood. Fortunately I have a wonderful man in my life that understands and this stuff makes him mad as hell, too. He thinks women should go on a general strike over the GOPs support of rapists rights over the rights and needs of survivors. It's just DAMN wrong.

  9. Wayne's Meals on 2 Wheels coordinator was in a horrible car accident a few weeks back. An SUV slammed into five cars before hitting hers which was on the off ramp from the freeway at a light. The driver had seizures and literally kept his foot on the gas the entire time - his car literally exploded while resting ontop of her Mercedes.

    She's okay but just now back at the MoW place. She told Wayne that she's been having "flashbacks" and is starting to remember things only now that she must've been in too much shock to know at the time. And that now little things are popping up in her mind from the scene. It was the most violent thing to ever happen to her. Like she keeps seeing her steering wheel turn. She thinks she has some type of PST from it. Hell, yeah she does. Who wouldn't you know.

    I told him that she'll be having those "episodes" for life probably and how I still see, hear, remember things from my most violent memories. That it was natural and to be expected. She's mostly a bicyclist and has been very stressed out about even being IN a car and she thinks she's crazy... I happen to think she's on course for what happens to you after such a life altering accident.

    Why do we expect things to just go back to "normal" so quickly or if at all? Why can't we allow some scarring to also be a part of the healing? Like, pretend it didn't happen so that way it appears that all is fine?

  10. Gotta leave on a good note:

    Watch this and try not to laugh out loud. Figure the 40 Acre Folks would LOVE it. It's an instant hit here at my house. People at work were CRYING over it cause they found it so funny.

  11. Andi, I go straight to the shwarma every time.

  12. I hope it works for you, Janet. As painful as it was, the shot did do the trick for me.

    Dina, I can never do something like that -- there are too many things I like it makes it hard to decide -- so I doubly appreciate mezzas for all the good food and making it so I don't have to. :)