Friday, April 22, 2011

Ring Them Bells

Virginia Bluebells, taken April 9 & 11, 2011
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  1. DingDingDingDingDingDing! Bells ringing as the muse (damn her blackhearted soul to all the hells) woke me up at not-quite-2 a.m. with a short story idea that would not quit.

    Yes, this is a good thing. But...boy, tired now. 1100 words down with little effort. I love it when it just happens. I think I'm going to try to catch a few winks before I resume the rest of my day.

    Happy Friday, all!

  2. Morning, all. It's a Bank Holiday here and the weather is beautiful (you don't often hear THAT from me!) We have 4 bank holidays in a row now: today, Easter Monday, Royal Wedding day and May Day, so zillions of people will be off work for the foreseeable future!

    I'm gradually getting back to normal, wrists gaining in strength and doing more every day. And chuffed to bits by some great reviews of my latest 'cozy':
    Have a lovely Friday everyone!

  3. Hi,all.

    Maria, I am glad that the muse hit, though sorry about the timing.

    And great news, Nicola. Glad that the wrists are gaining strength - you'll need it to sign all those books that will be flying off the shelves!

    Nice weather today. Hope it holds.

    Happy Friday, everyone.

  4. My Sharks are ahead in their series and I'm going to a WHL hockey game tonight in their 3rd round. Next round is for THE Memorial Cup.

    Was supposed to have new friends over today for truffles, margaritas and heart attack bacon wraps, but I've been EXHAUSTED this week and had a nasty work schedule followed by a nasty cold for both me and the Mister. Finally got ahold of them and she's sick as a dog. BUT... we're planning on attending the hockey game tonight in Portland. We're sick, we can sit together. Check my bag, please. It's my vom bag - for bad stomache or bad officiating LOL

    Lived near national forest fire. Last one was near us for a week. Geyser Fire. That was a close one. Learned that a "fire box" is never enough if you're not home and can't get access to your house. So reason my photos are online. And another reason I'm happy to live where it's moist and damp. Green is good. Even if it's moss and dandylions in your yard.

    Nicola have a great holiday! Maybe a stamp set for all that book signing? :)

  5. Beth, as far as volcanoes... been there, done that - even got a flippin t-shirt.

    Lived in Mossyrock, WA, during the Mt. St. Helens eruptions and evac.

    Maria, so happy to hear of your midnight muse. That's when I get tons of writing stuff. Those wee hours when even the pussycats are asleep.

  6. Slept until 10 & have been lazing about ever since. Just got my first Washington Green Grocer's delivery.

    I ordered the small box. This is what I got.

    Only extras were the red peppers.

    Gorgeous, yeah?

  7. Glad your wakefulness paid off, Maria. And I'd love to see the cool stuff you got, Maria, but that link gets me a message that says that page doesn't exist. :(

    What a great review -- I'd be chuffed too if someone said my villain out-villained Cruella de Vil. Congrats, Nicky!

    You must have got our beautiful day from yesterday, Dina. If so, watch out because today has been very stormy.

    Woo hoo Sharks!

  8. OMGosh Andi, I just saw your Sweet Revenge neice doing a Chase Bank commercial. Wicked Cool!

    Hawks lost, but was a good night. We all got home safe and slightly sound.

    And we're not Oiler Fans. Whew! Someone toss this to Olivia. It might make her feel better. :) Some of you "time travelers" might like it as well.