Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Pleasures of an Hourglass Figure

Taken March 31, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning Gang !!

    I've been in a bit of the blues so I just stayed to myself and lurked. Feeling much revived.
    Spring is Way busy here. Bluebonnets and wildflowers raging. We've had a bit of rain and didn't get the wind damage some did earlier in the week.

    My writing workshop was wonderful. Work is FULL. Spring and Teenagers--no more need to be said.
    Situation Normal.

    Bro went up to OK to sign papers to sell house and is looking to move by June into an apartment. I smile and try not to leap for joy in front of him.

    Daughter is planning a side trip to Tazmania when she goes to an Aussie wedding of a friend in August. Color me Green.

    Seven weeks left. District is making teachers make up the three days we missed doing staff development. Plus two days with the kiddos. Ha Ha. I already have racked up enough time doing training during the year that I don't have to do those three days.

    Thursday winking at Friday to All.

  2. Lisa!!! We have missed you. Sends you belated hugs for the blues. Been there, done that. It sucks. :( Glad you are back!!

    Love the gorgeous shapes of the sculpture, Andi.

    Am contemplating life, the universe and hobbits. Just saw the 1st video that Peter Jackson posted to Facebook from the set and am utterly asquee with joy and tingly with antici..........pation! I'd link to it, but it seems to have been uploaded to FB and I can't figure it out.

    If you have FB, just find my page and I've shared it.

    Love that he has the local Maori tribe perform a pōwhiri (a formal welcome & blessing) on the soundstage before beginning shooting. Now I feel as if I need to indulge in rewatching the entire LoTR set of videos.

    A lovely Thursday to all!

  3. Happy Thursday, all. We have nice weather!

    However, my car is in the shop for the second day. Thank goodness for loaners.

  4. Lisa, 32 days with kiddos & one for records.

    But who's counting?

  5. What IS that, andi? It's cool, whatever it is!

    Hope your car comes back from the car doc soon, dina.

    Hi Lisa! MIssed you. Glad you're better.

    I LOVE LOTR, Maria! I've been reading it every few yeas since 8th grade - my favorite book of all time. The movies were simply amazing. On my bucket list is buying the extended versions of all 3, closing the drapes, popping a huge bucket of popcorn, and watching them all one after the other. I'll go check out your clip!!

    Big changes here. Relationship bit the dust last night- long overdue. Kind of bittersweet, thinking of what might have been. We'll stay friends. And now I can plan for my next step - whatever that is. The rolling stone continues to roll...

    Off to pour another glass of wine. Happy almost-Friday, y'all!

  6. Happy countdown to summer, Lisa. Yay for the great workshop and joining in being jealous of your daughter.

    First Tasmania and now New Zealand. Between Lisa and you, Maria, I'm definitely the desire to the the water go down the drain the opposite direction (yeah, I know it's a myth but I like the idea).

    Ah car repairs -- not the most fun way to spend money, Dina. I hope you're doing something delightful to counterbalance it.

    Beth, it's either a sculpture or a fountain or both. The other fountains seemed to be working so I'm leaning toward fountain. Sorry about the break up. Sympathy and hugs from all of us ... and hopes your stone will roll our way at some point.