Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Track of Green

Taken March 20, 2011.

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  1. Spring has indeed re-sprung!

    Got back yesterday late afternoon to warm temps and lots of budding trees.

    Off from the mimes today to recuperate. Boston trip was fun. We even got to go out on Saturday and take a lovely walk through the Commons, up Charles St to the hwy and back to the hotel (about 2.25 miles).

    Tomorrow, back to the routine.

    Happy Monday, all!

  2. Spring (especially) on Planet Georgia means severe thunderstorms, and they'll come in tonight.

    Maria, I know what you mean by recuperating at the mimes. Saturday was a massive time-suck, and Sunday was somewhat better.

    I did learn something interesting yesterday: it's no easier emotionally to submit something to a small market than to a major magazine. Technically it's easier, the small markets tend to understand that this "email" thing makes thing go faster, but emotionally it's the same deep breath before hitting Send or throwing it in the mailbox.

    Off to work I go…

  3. Happy Monday all.

    Rainy here.

  4. Wish spring meant thunderstorms here, Farf - enjoy them! And the rain, Dina -

    Fingers crossed, Farf. Yep, it's tough sending your work out there, be it a big house or a small one. Exposing yourself to rejection is never easy. Hopefully you'll have a good response!

    Glad you had a good time, Maria, and the weather didn't ruin your trip.

    Love the green, andi - and GO BUTLER tonight!!

  5. We've morning thunderstorms here and constant high winds. A new batch is heading this way so I thought I'd better get in my hellos now since storms Brown County=possible power outages.

    Spring is showing signs here too, Maria, but some budding and a few scattered wildflowers. I'm sure we've got nothing to match the cherry blossoms.

    Good luck, Farf!

    Hi Dina. I'll see your rain and raise you severe thunderstorms and a 40 degree temperature in about 18 hours. I sure hope your weather gods aren't going to try to match that.

    The green is a bit of a cheat, Beth, because they are all evergreens of one kind but there were lovely soft new needles making that lovely soft green so it was only a small cheat.

    And yep ... GO BUTLER!

  6. Good luck, Farf!

    Been busy with dipping cake truffles. Need to research the Farmer's Markets a bit however they seem to have the same needs that a small business require. So exactly what are the farmer's markets for then? They even ticket kids selling lemonade on the street. I kid you not.

    Damn Republicans and their "less government" What they mean is they don't want to pay for things that HELP people, but they sure don't mind paying things that will HURT people as well as making laws that the Taliban would be proud of.

    They want us to believe that we can't afford 250 million dollars a year for PBS but we 100 million dollars a day for a no-fly zone over Lybya. 83 million dollars for just 2 hours of bombing people. Teahadists logic. We could have saved 4 schools here that are on the chopping block with that kind of money.

    But being involved in 4 occupations isn't draining our economy. No siree. It's the teachers, unions and damn greenies doing all the destruction.

    I'd really like to ask someone to explain why the USA must commit its military to do battle in Libya. Obama said, "We must prevent the atrocities being committed by a government on its people." This commitment so far has cost $100 million a day.

    45,000 US citizens die every year because they have no health insurance and inadequate access to health care. Why don't we deal with that atrocity on our own people? $100 million a day could provide a lot of medical care for a lot of our own citizens.

    Or at least wage war on hunger. That's one war we could and should win. I worry it will be too late before the "free and the brave" unplug from their TVs and wake up.

    All sorts of weather here. Sun, rain, hail. And that's another thing... can't talk too much about the weather in public as you might offend some bagger with science. Dark ages indeed.

  7. Thought you guys might LOVE this.

    It's what not to do when you get a "negative" review. Actually the review(S) this "author" got weren't bad at all and the guy gave her lots of good advice. But this lady goes over the deep end and just loses it and has ended her writing career before it even began. She also thought reviews from her friends and family off of Amazon were legit. ROFL

    Got this from a hockey chat room, that's how viral this has gone.

    Enjoy and Cringe:

  8. I saw that last week. It was pretty funny because the week before, a book blogger of my (online) acquaintance was talking about an author not being graceful about a less-than-stellar review. Compared to Howlin' Howett, though, she was the model of restraint. :-D

    eBooks should make this less of a problem — if someone finds problems after the fact, it should be easy enough to roll out a 2nd edition. O'Reilly (the technical book publisher, not the Fox Spew whacko) sends free updates of their eBooks as a matter of course.

  9. Hi Janet. I'd seen that earlier too -- it was simultaneously horrifying and hilarious.

    Off to watch Butler.

  10. Holy cow, andi - Butler needs a bigger basket!! This is painful....

  11. Yeah, Beth. I am not enjoying this and I'm not feeling very optimistic about the outcome.