Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh! So that's what a sunny day looks like. We forgot.

Taken April 12, 2011.

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  1. You got sun, we got the storms. Massive t'storm + bonus@tornado warnings last night. Freakish. Today, woke up to humidity that will not quit and a/c has yet to be turned on in my building. I expect that to happen later this week.

    Another lazy, quiet weekend. Spent all of yesterday completely unplugged. No TV. No Internets. Was awesome!

    This weekend is Malice Domestic. Getting to see Ms. Dina & Ms. Nancy P!! Looking forward to it.

    Happy Monday, all!

  2. Yay for sunny days!

    Maria, we had rain at least at night but no nasty stuff like that. And I was mostly unplugged yesterday. Wasn't too thrilled about it, but I should get used to doing it.

    Enjoy Malice, you guys!

  3. We got no sun, Maria, and haven't had any for about a week. That is a two week old picture. Instead we've got rain, storms, and floods. First chance of sun is this Friday. :(

    I dunno about getting used to being uplugged, Farf -- thanks to the rain killing our satellite internet connection we get to spend plenty of time disconnected and it's more irritating than anything else (though it might be different if we chose it).

  4. Sending copious amounts of sunshine your way, folks. It was only 81 yesterday, but 28 mph winds. Still gorgeous. But I'd trade it for one stormy day...

    I long to be unplugged, andi, but you're right, when it's not your choice that's different. I guess all I have to do is turn everything off, right? Sounds pretty simple!

    But first I have to go into work, to a job that requires using a computer and the internet. Maybe tomorrow I'll unplug...

    Hoping to buy a car today, finally. Wish me luck!

    Good Monday, all.

  5. Speaking of involuntary disconnection -- just back online after the latest downpour. Rain gauge says 3 inches of rain since noon yesterday.

    Good luck with the car shopping, Beth!

  6. Very much looking forward to Malice this weekend. Sally is flying in today and we are driving down on Thursday.

    Here's hoping for the weather to not be too bad!

    Beth, good luck with the car buying.

  7. Had beautiful sunny mild day yesterday for hiving Neil's bees. Haven't done bee work in 30 years, and found it unreasonably fun being suited up and covered in bees again. Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz. And now back to book. 10k words last week and need to do it again this week and next to get back on schedule.


  8. Malice Domestic sounds insanely fun! Have fun.

    First book on my new NookColor? Sheepishly I'll admit that it was volume 4 of Mr. Beekeeper of Kelly's neck of the wood. :) Fantasy and Horror and sometimes a bit of poetry? Yeah, I'm so there :) My last 4 books on my on my "old" Kindle3 were all Gaiman's, too.

    Bees! You're very brave KMc! My courage with bees only goes as far as sitting barefoot by the lavendar with a margie. I try to keep with the mantra that if I don't bug them, they won't buzz me. So far it's worked out.

  9. And the three inches of rain were followed by another 2 inches of rain. And the radar shows more on its way, plus more predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Glub, glub.

    Hi Dina. I hope you have a great time ... and I'm sure you will.

    I'm bzzz'ed for you, Kelly.

    Sounds like colorful reading for the colorful nook, Janet.

  10. Carpenter bees will do a close flyby, but don't sting. I'd usually go after 'em with a badminton racket, but with domestic honeybees on the decline we need all the pollinators we can get.

    Lots of rain here. Really nasty stuff slated for Wed.

  11. It was Katiebird's birthday today! I didn't get back in time to remind everyone. Happy day, KB!!!!