Friday, April 29, 2011

Now We Are Two

First ever blog post and one year anniversary blog post
Another year, another mayapple.

Taken April 15, 2011.

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Note: mayapples have a two-year life cycle. The first year they have a single umbrella-shaped leaf. The second year they produce a double leaf, a flower, and eventually the fruit that gives the plant its name.


  1. ... continued from early this morning.

    Happy wedding watching, Nicky.

    ... back to today.

    It barely rained yesterday and there was sun! And blue sky!

  2. My post yesterday got eaten. Sigh.

    So glad Farf, you are fine.

    Watching the wedding. I was very pregnant with Daughter Dear when I watched Charles and Diana get married.

    Daughter came home in a new/used beautiful Honda Accord last night. Did the deal all herself. Dad was proud that he couldn't have done better himself.
    So Beth, good car Karma to you.

    Maria, enjoy Malice sounds a bit strange, but you know what I mean.

    Jim, hope your weekend allows for some riding.
    We are still in drought here. All these storms and not even a half inch of rain for us.

    Safe, wonderful weekend to All.

  3. So I heard someone got married?

    Eaten comments seems to be part of life, Lisa. Happens to me sometimes too. So cool your daughter managed to navigate the Dreadful Shoals of Car Buying! Hope you get some rain soon. How much more school do you have? Daughter Dearest is done for the year, but won't be home until tomorrow since she has to sing at commencement.

    I managed to throw a FridayFlash together last night, based on a prompt: "Immortal." The first draft ran 1300 words, but I was able to cut it to 990 without damaging it this time. So much fun when a story gels in the middle of a playground, with your laptop over 10 miles away. :) Also have a post up on eBook pricing, and why mid-list authors are maybe caught in the middle.

    Hope everyone's weekend is much fun!

  4. Glad people are safe from those horrible storms which have taken a backseat to a "royal" wedding.

    Got to go write a check for planned parenthood again. Republicans will have a war on their hands if their attack goes through.

    I no longer can afford the freeloading rich and the greedy corporations. Or the stupid people who support them and their goals.

    I don't know about many here, but I know that I'd like my daughter's generation to be able to have access to pap smears and healthy checkups that they can afford. Why do Rethugs hate women and children so much?

    Maybe another country should come "liberate" us from all this nuttery. :)

    Going to go peek at the Kittehs o' Kelly.

  5. Oh duh, talk about oblivious:

    Happy blog-day!

  6. Hi Lisa, Farf, Janet. I've been up at my mom's all day and am exhausted by being a good girl for multiple hours.

    And thanks, Farf. :)