Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marked by Time

Taken April 18, 2011.

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  1. Andi!! That old tree pic: gnarly, dude! ;p

    Got home last night to find galley proofs for BLOOD SACRIFICE at my door--just in time for Malice, of course. Oh well.

    Horrific weather continues to be horrific. A/C came on in bldg, so yay, but still under tornado watches/warnings all over the place here. SCARY.

    Going to leave the mimes early today and head to Malice this weather, I hope!

    New announcement up on my blog today. I think you'll like.

    Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday!

  2. Huh, they *do* bring clocks to mind for some reason!

    Since I'm writing this, I obviously survived the storms. Actually, everything's fine. Three near-misses, and the first one was the storm that nailed Tuscaloosa. Unusual for a storm to form in Alabama, travel all the way across Planet Georgia, still holding together as it enters North Carolina, generating tornado warnings all along its path.

    Stay safe, Maria! Keep those galleys dry and enjoy Malice! Sounds like you've got a fun lineup for your summer of blogging…

  3. Oh-oh ... bad pun time. ;)

    This weather is something, Farf and Maria. I'm glad that everybody is okay. I found that Whit (some know him as Family Man) who lives in Alabama where some of the worst storms were is okay.

  4. Thinking of you all and hoping you escape the storms, absolutely horrifying. But guess what I'm doing today? Yup, watching the Wedding; glued to the TV already and planning to remain so until we go to a street party organised by friends.