Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March of the Daffodils

All photos taken during March. Yes, the photo on the bottom right is a daffodil -- thanks to Candis for teaching me about mutant daffodils.
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  1. And...I spoke too soon. Gorgeous weather turned into massive storm front that passed through in the wee hours. Now, it's chilltastic again.

    I ADORE the mutant daffodil, Andi. I've decided it's a cousin to Audrey II. ::g::

    Kit came through vet visit/boarding with flying colors (and flying dollars, ka-CHING!). I won't hesitate to board him at my vet when I go to NYC this fall.

    It's off to the mimes in a few. Catch you all on the flipside!

  2. Daffodils say spring more than any other flower, to me. So sunny and happy!

    Crazy weather, Maria. At least it didn't snow...

    Andi, what a game. I've never seen so many missed baskets. Argh. Poor Butler. It was painful. On to baseball, I guess.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone.

  3. Hi, all. Love daffodils. They mean Spring is on its way.

    Right now we are getting the storm front that Maria had. It is ugly out there.

    Happy Tuesday.

  4. Hallooo,

    Mostly lurking at the moment. Cognitive resources are maxed at the moment. Too many thoughty things to do and not enough time to think them all through to the degree I'd like.

    1) Next book off to editor this week with final revisions + finalizing to maps for the series and getting the appropriate glossary cleared of spoilers and out the door.
    2) Rereading first 2/3 of next next book so I can get it all in my head again before starting the writing marathon I need to get it done before deadline.
    3) Freaking WI politics.
    4) Digging out from two week pile up of email.
    5) County board catchup.

    In short: Ack!


  5. I've found three patches of those mutants, Maria, and they are wild. Each flower looks really different. We had the massive storm yesterday and big temperature drop but today things are sunny and warmer so maybe your weather will recover really fast too.

    Beth it was so awful that I finally couldn't even stand to watch. Given that the Cubbies are my baseball team, there's not a lot of solace there either.

    I'm always so impatient for spring this time of year, Dina. There's just such a big lag between the daffs and the leaves coming out.

    Now that I've read your list, Kelly, I'm ready for a nap.

  6. KMc, did you see the Zombies of Wisconsin protest? It was freaking awesome! I've got some youtube of it if you want it. What do we want? "brainsssss" When do we want them? "brainsssss". I about peed my pants when I heard the lead chanter grunt out what sounded like "this is what democracy looks like". :)

    My Sharks won again last night. We have clinched a Stanley Cup Playoff spot. So now it's just pool points for us fans and hoping no one gets hurt. speaking of hockey, my Portland Winter Hawks are in Round 2 of the Memorial Cup. We're GOING again to see them this Sunday. I bought 12 tix in a great section (club) and we all get free hats. Bought them for my guys at work and our fams. We did this on Round 1 Game 1. It'd be nice if we could go to one game each round.

    Daffs! Love them. Have them and tulips and hyacynths (sp) coming up. And those little purple/blue guys that look like they are Seussian flowers. They come up right by tulips each year. I guess a squirrel planted them in my yard.

    Guys who pulled my ivy and jupiter did a great job this week. A co-worker's husband did the work with two other guys. Gotta keep that area cleared for a year. Don't know what I can grow there due to pine trees but Jorge said he could give me some advice and help. He works p/t where I do.

    Still making cake truffles. Getting better and more consistent with it too. I have the dreaded 12-8 shift today. I'd best run along. Ciao for Niao.

  7. (((Andi)))) I' sorry about your boys. I know it hurts.

    I'm a freaking basketcase by the time play offs begin for my guys.

  8. PS Andi, I've been practising. :)


  9. Thanks for the sympathy, Janet. I have a nostalgic attachment to Butler -- I grew up a short distance away and liked to go over to the campus a lot, especially to wander in its gorgeous gardens [LINK] so it's like a neighborhood school for me.

    Your truffles are (very, very literally) looking good. :D

  10. If there's one thing I'm familiar with, it's ... mutants.

    Here's a first ever --

    Just had to renew some online memberships which are of course in US dollars. I actually paid less than US price because the CDN dollar is higher. Kind of stunned at the moment.

  11. We have the occasional mutant daff at the manor too. With all the weird crap that goes on around here, I'm surprised they're not all like that. But some of ours are white, or white with a yellow center horn.

    Been busy killin' a character that needed killin'. The fallout isn't over yet though!

  12. I was sad about Butler. Because in the "luck of the draw" NCAA pool at my old office - I HAD Butler.

  13. So Ottawa is full of mutants, Candis? And here I though you Canadians were hyper-normal. ;)

    Is being murderous fun, Farf?

    Mary, I sure hope you don't have Notre Dame in the women's ncaa finals because it looks like you are bad luck. :P