Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Sunrise

until the leaves come off.

Taken April 13, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Happy Birthday, katiebird!

    ... back to today.

    Several more inches of rain forecast for today and tomorrow. Rivers and creeks are flooding. Where's Pollyanna when you need her to help you play the glad game.

  2. Happy Birthday, KB!!!!

    Another hot & humid day expected here, with bonus!t'storms later on. Ah, spring... At least the pollen's dropped to more manageable levels.

    Very glad for fans--the circulating air kind. ::g::

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Happy birthday, KB!!!

    Maria, we're getting weather like yours today, an potentially uggggly tomorrow. April.

    Off to the mimes!

  4. Happy, happy, KB.

    Sally is here so disappearing for a bit.

    You all be good, hear!

  5. Andi, my Inner Wolf ate my Inner Pollyanna. Stay safe, the Central Area is getting wholloped.

    Happy Birthday KatieBird. Nice day to have had it - along with Audobon's bday :)

    My San Jose Sharks won the series in the 6th game in OT. We never do anything easy, man. Whew!

    KMc, I bought the book "Younger Next Year" based on Mr. Beekeepers like of it. I don't need a diet book, but I need an inspiration to use what I know to do what I need to do. It's easy for the ahtletes in my house to do what needs to be done. I have the energy of a working mom. Zilch. Or better yet, zero consistency.

    One of my beloved beastes ate my bathroom fern. Not only did they eat it.... they splayed dirt all over my "necessities" and makeup stuffs and left itty bitty pootie prints all over the sink. Boo.

  6. Andi, crazy that you guys went from drought last year to floods this year. Hopefully it will make for some good pictures at some point...

    Crazy winds here today, but sunny and in the 80's. Still a mild spring, all in all.

    Car buying has hit a snag. Banks don't like my unorthodox income stream, sigh. Back to square one.

    Happy Tuesday, all. Stay safe, dry and allergy-free...

  7. Glad the pollen has settled down for you, Maria -- wouldn't want you to take a drippy noise to Malice. :)

    Hope you are long home from the mimes, Farf.

    Enjoy your company, Dina.

    w00t for the Sharks! We're safe enough, Janet, as we're at the top of the hill but the low-lying areas are not doing so well.

    The weather gods has a wicked sense of humor, Beth. Sorry about the crap with the car. Bad enough to go to through buying one without having a bunch of trouble with financing.

  8. Ugh. it's nearly 1 a.m. and I have insomnia due to humidity/heat + application of Thai iced tea @ lunch. Damn it. I always forget that it's chock full of caffeine.

    Wishing better weather on us all!