Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Passing By

Taken April 12, 2011.

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  1. Wow! How long has it been since I've broken tracks in the VGW? Everyone must be sleeping in.

    I'm closing my eyes and pretending the sky looks like this out my window, andi. Love it!

    Maria, your veggies look SO delicious! Makes me want to find a farmers market. Ooh! I know where one is that I've been meaning to visit - maybe that's what I'll do this morning! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Andi, car buying sucks. I can't afford what I want, and can't find anything I can tolerate that I can afford. It's making me nuts. Gotta keep trying, though.

    And I wondered if that was your niece - how very cool for her!! I'd go there...

    Congrats, Nicky!! And eek, Janet, re Mt St Helens. Scary...

    Back to car surfing. Have a peaceful weekend, y'all.

  2. That about what our sky looked like yesterday and still somewhat this morning. Sun's starting to burn its way through though.

    Beth, if you moved to NYC or maybe next door to Maria, you wouldn't even need a car! Good luck with the farmer's market.

    Hey, my Friday Flash went up yesterday. A romance thing… sort of. Also a Mason pic earlier in the week, hunting Easter eggs with his dad. Better than fires, volcanic eruptions, or favorite hockey teams losing anyway!

    Off to pick up some lawn furniture. The Great Backyard Patio Project is underway…

  3. Hi,all. We got the rain today but it isn't too bad.

    Quiet day at home. Everyone enjoy Saturday.

  4. I assume you lost power in the storm. Hope you both and the dogs are ok. Things are a mess here, the airport is devastated and some of the eighborhoods in north county were just flattened. (No, I don't know if the Indian Restaurant made it through.). I have a good friend who lives blocks frpm a flattened subdivision, she only had minor damage. She is so lucky. In fact it is a miracle there were no deaths.

    We had two supercells hit us simultaneously, one south of the I-64 corridor and one north. The north produced a tornado that was a block wide and had a mile long tail on the ground. The south storm had heavy hail and straightline winds. Fortunately I live in the center where only heavy rain fell. I was at the ball game but we left when the tornado sirens went off and the big screen was showing a weather pattern that would go on for hours.

    I know ot was heading east, so hope all is well.

  5. Slept in: check
    Lazy day: check
    Making yummy corn chowder with spinach, mushrooms & potatoes from new veg: check

    Dreamt of supercells/tornadoes and horrible weather all night. Guess I was channeling you all. Ugh.

    Hang in there!

  6. No pretending here, Beth. We've had storm after storm after storm (the next one is just minutes away). Sorry about the pain of car hunting -- I empathize completely.

    Have fun with the patio project. We just finished our project of the day -- putting back up the wire for the bird feeders after a falling tree limb took it down.

    Hi Dina. Enjoy the peace (I hope) and quiet.

    Amazingly, Mary, we haven't lost power yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. We have been without the internet for big swaths of time though because anything above light rain knocks out the satellite. I'm relieved to know you are okay.

  7. Ah, cross-posted. Hi Maria. I'd sure rather dream about storms than keep having them.

  8. Nice quiet day here. Wish I could send it to you all suffering through the storms.

    Holding good thoughts that everyone makes it through safely and with power.

  9. Glad you're okay, maryb - I just heard about the storms. Scary. And hope you don't lose power and stay safe, andi.

    Car buying should be one of the options for people who commit crimes - you can go to jail, or buy a car. Actually, not sure which I'd pick right now. I think I'd rather go to the dentist, or clean the bathroom, or or or...

    Hope everyone's having a good day -

  10. I wish you could too, Dina. I am heartily sick of rain and we have at least four more days of it.

    The last time we bought a car we did the whole thing via the internet and email, Beth, and didn't go in until the car was ready to be picked up. That was almost painless.