Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Hanging Out Together

Taken April 14, 2011.

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  1. Aw, gorrammit, it's bloody a.m. of the clock. Where's that truck that ran over me?

    Logy and exhausted this a.m. after a bout of insomnia in the muggy heat. That'll teach me to have Thai iced tea for lunch on a work night. Bah, humbug.

    Crystal City Power Purge is today--a local area annual recycle/shred event. I've not got much to go, but we're taking a bunch of stuff from our office and employees are bringing stuff from home. I love that we do this. Especially for us who live in apartment buildings that don't recycle.

    On the fun side of things, check out the latest office prank on our Flick feed. A couple of the guys (who sit in adjoining cubes) were on vacation at the same time. Double the fun!

    A huge set of "good weather vibes" heading out to all & sundry!

  2. Pretty. Writing here, nothing to see.

  3. Sharks versus Detroit Red Wings OMFG!!!!

    My good friend is from Detroit, loves the Wings and his son is also autistic and we work together. I HATE it when our teams are in it for blood. ARGHHH.

    Most women knit or crochet, go to spas to relax. Me? I destroy my nerves with hockey. Gawd. Why do I do this to myself? :)

    Andi, delicate and pretty. Somewhere there's a nasty republican wanting to just step on it and pollute the area.

    Maria, I hate humid climes. Guam was extremely humid. Get out of the shower and already you'd be sweaty. Watch out for those caf killahs. I soon realized that Chai tea in most cases has triple the caffiene as a triple shot of espresso. I love Thai Iced tea but the sweetened condensed milk is a killah for me. I haven't found a veganized version of that type of milk yet.

    Decided on how to do our front yard. Bulbs! Tulips and Muscari. Then you don't have to water too much in the summer as the bulbs need to be dry. Keeping all the lavendar and other stuff that was already there of course, but figure bulbs will be great. Big bash in Spring followed by low maintenance till cool weather of Fall.

    Another 12 to 8. yeeesh.

    Waves to Kelly! Love the Cat Blogging. You've got some pudgy pussies. Mine are collapsed on my bed after a hard morning of lazying about.

  4. Andi, give Fern and Daisy there my best!

    Maria, you guys had waaayyyyy too much fun with the cube redecorating there! Maybe I should try Chai tea if it has that much caff in it. I made lemon balm tea last week, but that's more of a de-stress tea than a stay-awake. Got plenty more lemon balm where that came from.

    Hi Kelly. I'd prefer to be writing myself. Mrs. Fetched isn't making it easy though. I guess if I get a book deal, she'll HAVE to make it easy. Fine… adds agent search to huge todo list

    Janet, I'm a Wings fan too… let's have some fun with this?

    Well, the good news: I won a writing contest! With real prizes on the line! The not so good: I was the only entrant. It wasn't *that* difficult to enter either. Ah well.

  5. Those pictures are hysterical, Maria. It sure looks like you work with a fun bunch of people.

    Hey spring must be coming there too, Kelly. That's something to see.

    Janet, I have decided that as I always like to show that my mother raised me right (see Mom, I'm a good girl) I will make no comments about pudgy pussies that collapse after a hard morning.

    I will, Farf, though Daisy is actually name Rue (as in rue anemone). And congrats on winning -- you were obviously the only entrant because once everybody knew you had entered, they figure what was the point of trying.