Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green Waiting for Green

Taken March 28, 2011.

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  1. It's not easy being green...

    Morning, gang! Waking up to a muggy, storm-brewing kind of a day. Ah, DC weather.

    Author Jim Hines is doing <a href="http://jimhines.livejournal.com/566650.html>something pretty darned awesome</a> over at his LiveJournal in the wake of the Wicked Pretty Things anthology (which, btw, has been cancelled). I adore Jim, though I've never actually met him. Just finished Stepsister Scheme and fell in love with his characters/world building. Think fairy tales redux with snark, sarcasm and a healthy dose of modernity. <3s!!

    The mimes continue to be the mimes. I'm currently working on deadly dull projects, but, such is life. Better that than tearing my hair out as I was in my former position.

    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. And, evidently, I can't code this morning. Here's the link to Jim Hines' post.

  3. Nice reflection on spring there…

    Our storms came through last night around 11. The squall line kind of fizzled as it approached, or maybe we were in a gap between the major cells — either way, it was more a thundershower than a thunderstorm. Still enough to knock a bunch of cherry blossom petals to the lawn, hey pink snow! I guess I'd better go get a pic or two.

    Maria, are you going to put your story on Jim's blog? He didn't exactly mention you in that list of writers, though. I can't imagine what the editor/publisher were thinking — most writers are pretty liberal or at least lean that way.

    OK, time to see what kind of trouble I can make in documentation… later!

  4. Hello. Rainy day here but not too cold.

    Love what Jim Hines is doing and plan to support it.

  5. Farf, yes, I told Jim I'd send him my story (our exchange is in the comments).

    I'll be very interested to see what happens with this.

  6. Yay for green!! A breath of life...

    Our bout with spring is over - back to summer-like weather. High 90's by the weekend. Glad the storms didn't cause damage, Farf, but the thunder etc. would have been fun.

    Will check out that site, Maria - DOES sound interesting!

    Spending the day forcing myself to do stuff I've been putting off for way too long. Procrastination, you are not my friend...hopefully will feel more in control of the piles by tonight!!

    Happy day, y'all.

  7. That's great what he's doing, Maria. I already have the Stepsister Scheme on my TBR list -- and now I'm even happier that I do.

    Happy troublemaking, Farf.

    Howdy, Dina. We're having lovely weather here -- maybe it will come this way.

    Things are really coming to life in the woods, Beth. I'm loving it.