Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got Glow?

Taken March 20, 2011.

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  1. Mmm, pretty sunset...

    Another weird cold front here with ridiculous winds. Crazy weather much?

    Nomming on a hearty serving of McCann's steel cut oats for brekkie. Thanks to the rice cooker, I can set it before I exercise, then it's done by the time I'm out of the shower. Nom nom.

    Janet, I drool over your truffles and kudos to you for the making of them. That's the kind of cooking I'm in awe of.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. The sun is shining brightly and I'm eating chocolate - all's right with the world! 3 major breakthroughs today: managed to pull on a pair of tights; wearing my watch for the first time in 9+ weeks; went out today without my splints! And the physiotherapist says I'm making great progress and doing everything right.

    Still don't feel ready to drive though, and still can't use a bath (wrists aren't weight-bearing yet so can't sit down!) I really hate showers - you can't read in them or drink a cup of tea!

    So all in all, I'm feeling chirpier - hope you're all feeling likewise.

  3. I'm so glad you're healing, Nicky- you make taking a bath sound wonderful! I might have to find a book and a cuppa later today, in your honor.

    Sounds like crazy weather indeed, Maria. We're having a cooling trend; 89 today, but 63 by Saturday. If it would just rain at the same time, I'd be in heaven!

    Great shot, andi. We had a nice sunset here last night, but I forgot my camera on our walk. So you'll just have to imagine vivid purples and oranges in a desert sky.

    Happy Humpty Dumpty Day, all!

  4. Waves to everyone.

    Nicola, sounds to me like you are doing well - keep it up and the baths will be there soon!

    Maria, how long do you cook your oats? I love them but never tried them in a rice cooker.

    Beth, here's hoping you get rain.

    We have a beautiful day, PeaPod has already delivered and I can now relax and enjoy.

  5. Morning! Nice reflection shot, Andi… I'm glad someone gets up early enough to catch those still moments.

    Maria, it's chilly on Planet Georgia too — mid-30s this morning — but it's supposed to get close to 70 this afternoon. 80s for the weekend, only 20% chance of t-storms. I'll take it!

    Nicky, good to hear you're recuperating so well! You can always listen to an audiobook in the shower, just turn the volume up good & loud to overcome the white noise of the water.

    I posted some Mason pix last night, from the trip to the county park playground. He got brave enough to slide the slides. Lots of other gabble too (and thanks to Maria for the comment already).

  6. Oops, hi Beth and Dina! waves, runs

  7. re: cooking oats in rice cooker - you know, I have no idea how long. It's got a "porridge" setting, which is what I use. I have this cooker and love it!

    @ the mimes and really not wanting to concentrate...

  8. Morning from the West Coast.

    I had to up the hockey tix to 14 and now I'm going to have to increase it by at least 4 more. It should be a great time Sunday with so many of us "dfh"s at the game :)

    Nicola, hooray! Just don't push it too much an reinjure. I live with an athletic type who has in the past forced things and wound up delaying things even more.

    Maria, thanks. I've created something else. Cake Truffle Zombies. People at work can't seem to get enough of them. Caaaake. Noooowwww! :)

    Got a 9 to 5. yay. But I'd much rather schlep around here with the kitties. They just woke up and already they're napping.

  9. Farf, great pictures of Mason. But he's not the only kid who goes up. :)

    Wes used to just lay on the slides and squint his eyes up at the sky. I think he liked the heat of the slide on his back. It was cute the first couple of times but also bittersweet when I think back on it.

    It also brings up the memory of the horrible park experience. Wes was laying on the slide, bedazzled by some ladies earings. There was another child there who had Downs and was with their Grandma. A lady, with no kids, on her lunch apparently - got very upset by Wes just laying on the slide and said the sentence that changed me forever and proved that people really, really, really can suck.

    "This is a public park, this is a place for NORMAL people." She nearly screamed this.

    I hauled both my kids outta of there. Wes screaming because it wasn't time to go yet. Hot tears on my face. I was so angry but the monster's words were like a cannon ball to my gut. I had to regroup, I guess. As I was pulling out in my car, I saw the Grandma laying into the beast.

    It was my first brush with such an animal. Maybe like the shock one feels when they meet their first racist face to face. But I never ran away again afterwards. Now face those types head on.

  10. Ha, just thought of something....

    If you take out the disability advocacy aspect of the "This is a public park, this is a place for normal people!" I could have replied - "Its a place for us socialists!" :)

    I love seeing republicans and teabaggers protesting about socialism while they're standing on public sidewalks along public roads. An empire of idiots. Let them reap what they sow. The only problem with that is they never practice what they preach or walk their talk. They condemn others with their beliefs and "values" but don't abide by their own laws. The new laws coming out right now are so draconian.

  11. Thanks, Maria. I already have a rice cooker so maybe I will just experiment.

    Hi to everyone I missed before.

    Janet, sorry you had to be exposed to such crap. I hope that when the woman becomes disabled herself (which we all will be at some point or another) she remembers and realizes the pain she caused.

  12. Happy Wednesday to Maria. Sounds like yours got off to an excellent start.

    Wonderful to hear that you've made so much progress, Nicky. You'll be back in the ring and boxing for the championship in no time. ;)

    I can easily imagine that sunset, Beth, because we saw (and photographed) night after night of incredible ones when we were in Tucson. I'm sure you'll have more opportunities -- you just need to keep your camera handy.

    Oh, Dina, sometimes I'm really envious of urban life. I can't imagine having the choice to get my groceries delivered. Heck, I'd be thrilled if we could get a pizza delivered.

    And happily for me, Farf, it's a sunset shot so I didn't have to get early at all. Love (as always) the pics of Mason.

    Janet, that's so awful. But in a way, I'm sad for the woman -- what a cramped and limited world she's made for herself.

  13. Tucson photos; several glowing skies.

    Nicky, glad you're healing. When I broke my wrist, after the cast came off, I couldn't stand to wear a watch or a long sleeved shirt for weeks. The hairs on my arm were so used to lying in one position, it was uncomfortable when they were moved.

    Farf, who was having more fun: you or Mason?