Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flowering Maple

Taken April 6 and 7
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  1. Lovely sign of Spring.

    Happy Saturday, people.

  2. Hey buds! What's opening?

    Quick stop here… Mason's clingy and the Evil Twins are visiting. I need to borrow the MIL's van and take us all to the park or something. Mason inspired my #FridayFlash story yesterday, a compact little 320-word piece I banged out in about half an hour…

    Back later if I get a chance!

  3. Morning! Danni got blitzed on her Facebook after posting about the right's War on Women and the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood. Only 2% of what they do is abortions. The rest is pap smears, check ups, contraceptives, family planning help and support. The Christian Crusade came out in force and attacked her so she deleted this one atrocious girl. And typical of right wingers who attack, the girl was instantly the "victime" of an evil, intolerant fascist liberal... Ridiculous. But at least Danni is aware of the war. Unlike many. But there were hurt feelings, many tears and phonecalls to her real friends. Later on she is going to clean out her facebook lists. Make it less of an aquaintance book and more of a close friends page.

    Farf! I saw a funny video from my hockey pals. Figure you, too, would get a sick laugh from it. Some language but if you're a dog owner... you know what it's like for your dog just to simply not obey...


    Waves a happy, sunny day in Oregon wave to all.

  4. LOL, Janet, that was a great video clip! Dude was obviously from Louisiana. Yup, dawg was doin' what dawgs do!

    Poor Danni. Seems like FB is just a hate machine, if you ask me. Tell her to get on Twitter, I'll hook her up with some nice Kossack ladies. Kind of hard to get a rant worked up when you've only got 140 characters at a time to work with.

  5. Right now, Dina, every sign of spring seems lovely to me -- even the return of all the pesky bugs.

    Hope everybody had a good time at the park, Farf.

    That's a load of crap, Janet, but I'm betting Danni is more than capable of handling an infestation of twits. Love that video (and the dogs at dinner too).

  6. JOBIE!!!!! :)

    Yeah, Danni's an anti-war kid. She's tough.