Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family Portrait

Left to right: my older sister, my mom, my younger sister, her daughter, her husband, her stepson

Taken at the Indiana State Museum

Click image to see larger version


  1. You could have called it "Reflecting on Family Time."

    Why did we have some nice warm and dry days this week when I couldn't ride my bike, but now that the weekend is here it's cool and wet? I suppose this is a toast landing jelly side down question. It must be to make the dogs happy that I'll go with them for a walk in the woods.

  2. Clever way to "reflect" on a gathering.

    Jim, you could take a cue from the dogs & not care if it's raining!

    Storms came through last night, nothing major again. Third tornado watch this month where the storms either went past us or fizzled on the way in. Hoping fourth time ain't the charm.

  3. Love the family portrait! Great picture.

    Gloomy here but not raining yet.

    Happy Saturday.

  4. That's way too many tornadoes already, Farf. I hope that's all for this season.

    It's rained here and stayed gloomy, Dina. But it is Saturday so that's good.

  5. We got the beautiful weather here in Texas.Not the wind predicted. Hopefully the wildfires west of us are under control now.

    Had a few hours totally alone earlier. Nirvana.

    I was looking forward to seeing the family, Andi but have lost my microscope to make it out.

    Sending sunshine your way.

    Beth getting to see Nancy--Wonderful.

    Waves to all.

  6. Had a GREAT day in Flag with Nancy! Thanks for the heads-up, andi - had coffee and a razzberry tofu danish at Macy's - what a great place! Loved Flagstaff - felt like I was home in Idaho again. A world away from Phoenix.

    Nancy did a great job at the book fair, and we had lots of time to visit over lunch and a quick tour of town. Hopefully she'll have time to stop by and tell us about her awesome flight soon...We talked about you all, and wished you were with us. But forgot to take a picture, argh!

    Hope the wet weather leaves soon, although you know I'd welcome it...

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!