Friday, April 1, 2011

Edging into Spring

Taken March 20, 2011.

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  1. Morning gang!!

    This has been the longest week. So many kiddos and can't get caught up at work. 10 more coming in today.

    To recharge my engines, I'm taking Mon-Weds off for a writing workshop that starts Sunday. It's here in the metroplex, so no exotic traveling.

    Beth, I'm kicking sand in the faces of those knotheads. If they're your words, you deserve credit.
    How frustrating and unprofessional. Cyberhugs.

    Kelly, great pics. Enjoy some well deserved rest.

    Maria--enjoy yourself.

    Waves to Farf, Nancy, B, Jen, MaryB, Jim, Andi, Nicki, Janet and all that follow.
    Fabulous Friday to ALL

  2. Waves back to Lisa. I hope the workshop is really helpful.

    Beth, that's really crappy that they didn't give you credit. But for those who didn't see her comment yesterday, here's a link to her blog post which will tell you all about it and point you to the voting site.

  3. Morning!!

    ::waves mightily from the frozen north::

    Lisa, good to see you and yay for days off.

    Beth, bah + humbug. :( No credit indeed.

    Woke up to snowy Boston forecast. Some already on the ground (dusting) but predicting 2-4" by day's end. No foolin'. Seriously, if I'd known this, I'd have been tempted to skip this trip. One of the bennies of coming here is to be able to get out and wander around. The hotel is 1 block from Boston Commons and it's a lovely way to spend a few hours just perambulating and enjoying the outdoors for a bit.

    Don't think that's in the cards this weekend, though.

    Did have a lovely dinner last night at the Rustic Kitchen - the restaurant that is adjacent to the hotel.

    Today, a few panels & probably dinner back @ the Rustic Kitchen thanks to the weather.

    Happy Friday.

    Be wary of the foolishness on the Intarwebs!

  4. Hi, all. Beth, bad them not to show your credit. But it is very strange - I heard about this from another friend who was pushing John Reno (if memory serves.) Do you know Greenwoman?

    Very small world indeed.

    Not snowing here and I hope it stays that way.

  5. Andi, I've enjoyed your '... into Spring' posts this week. I think today's shot is my favourite -- love the little curls against the straight edges.

  6. Sure sign of spring: Cubbies lost.

    I hope you went out and enjoyed walking around Boston anyway, Maria. They're very good about clearing snow there.

    Did the snow skip you, Dina. I sure hope so. Snow needs to be gone, gone, gone.

    I had fun thinking of pictures that would work with the theme, Candis -- though the green in this one is a cheat since the yucca plants stay green all winter.

  7. I remember winters that just wouldn't let go, but not recently. Planet Georgia has been cool and rainy, but no snow (appendages crossed).

    Lisa, enjoy the workshop, and let us know how it went & what you learn!

    Maria, you might as well enjoy snowy Baaaaaaaaston. Like Andi says, up north they know how to deal with snow (especially when there's a handy ocean to dump it into).

    Beth, that's major suckage that they aren't crediting you properly. That kind of thing comes back around though, and they'll come to regret it.

    Hi Dina and Candis!

    My only April Foolery has involved a blog-swap. I'm hosting a story for a nice writer from Italy today, while my story is on her blog (link after the story). I'm busily killing a character in the White Pickups sequel, but I don't like this one as much as Sondra (or at all, actually) so it's not as heart-wrenching. Messy though! :-D

  8. Blog swapping -- what a cool, fun thing to do, Farf.