Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dropping into Spring

Taken March 20, 2011.

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  1. In which there is SUN!!!!

    Woke up to a partly cloudy day instead of gray, icky day. This bodes well. Heading down to breakfast in a few.

    One panel to attend and then in the afternoon, I'm drawing the tickets for the charity raffle. At some point during the day, I'm getting outta here and walking over to the Commons.

    Tomorrow, up early and on the road again!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Maria, if you haven't been to Boston before and like looking at gorgeous houses, head across the Commons and go a few more block to Louisbourg Square (in Beacon Hill).

    If you like nifty little shops, try Newbury Street (in Back Bay) which is to the west of the Commons)

  3. Hi, all. Still fighting a cold but at least there is no snow.

    Wish I could go back to bed.

  4. Morning, all! Thanks so much for the support. I'm not nearly as emotional, but it still sucks. All I can do is tell my friends/contacts, and be happy that they know. andi, thanks for posting the link to my place!

    Dina, I don't know Greenwoman by that name. But it IS a small world, if she knows about Reno!! I'll have to ask him - if/when I speak to him again.

    Sorry about the snow, Maria - def not a lot of fun rambling around the city in icky weather. We broke 100 yesterday - I'm heading for the pool, and learning how to work the A/C.

    Loving the spring pix, andi!

    Enjoy the workshop, Lisa - sounds wonderful!

    Stay warm and dry, Farf -

    Off and running - big hugs!

  5. Beth, Greenie is also Dianne Wickes if memory serves.

  6. 100° F on April Fools' Day?


  7. I'd like to be dropping into a nice TALL drink right now. Pretty much have been going from 8am to 9pm today, and I'm taking a short break to make sure the Internet hasn't fallen down without me. So far so good!

    Today was a little cool, and very breezy, but I put a jacket on Mason (and one on me) and took him to the park this afternoon. That went quite well — he got really excited when he realized where we were. Then he decided he was now brave enough to go down the slide, and figured out how to climb up it as well. A pair of older boys, about 8 and 10 I'd say, befriended him and their older sister totally adored him. We picked up some trash the wind strewed around the playground on the way out, went to eat, and he was out cold before we got home.

    I'm hoping for a miracle and the taxes finish themselves. Then I can focus on getting a couple short stories together for small-market submissions that are soliciting. Weekends need to be like 5 days long.

  8. Hi Dina, Beth, and Farf. I'm immersed in basketball so not much for conversation right now.