Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bowing Before Delicacy

Rue anemone taken April 4, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Oh, pretty!

    I could say I'm feeling rather delicate today, only, not so much. I feel like a clumsy erumpent. Woke up at 4ish; apt. too warm & muggy. Did a wee bit of writing, then rode the bike.

    Now @ the mimes and my get-up-n-go has gotten up and disappeared.

    At least it's a regular 4-day week for me!

    Happy Tuesday?

  2. Gloomy day but I am doing chores so it seems appropriate.

    Happy Tuesday does seem to require a question mark, doesn't it?

  3. Hey Maria, we made it through hump day of the week today.

    We've had a boat load of anemones this spring, both pink and white. Andi says that the spring beauties are now coming out in force. Maybe morels will make an appearance this year.

  4. Hey there Dina and Maria. Maybe it was such a happy Tuesday for everybody else that they didn't have time to stop by.

  5. Google doesn't like me this evening...

    Worked from 6am til 5:30pm - finally taking a break. Hoped to go car shopping today, but didn't have time. It's a necessary evil, but the sooner I get it done, the sooner it's done.

    Thanks for the pretty flower picture - the cacti are starting to bloom here, which is stunning, but I miss daffodils and crocuses...

    Good night to all!

  6. Wow, long day Beth. Hope you get nice and rested. We're probably going to have a very noisy night here -- huge storm system which already showed its stuff to Mary is heading our way.

    Night all.

  7. Hope you don't lose power. We had quite a storm here. Huge hail. Tornado warnings. ah spring ...