Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Between a Rock and an Impression

Taken April 4, 2011.

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  1. Morning Gang!!

    Andi, I love water and I love changing the wallpaper on my computer. Wonderful you giving me so many options.

    Two LONG days at work, but today should be much better. Getting some retreads coming back--Sigh.

    I'm writing on story before anything else so can't visit as often as I'd like.

    Maria--erumpent--and a clumsy one at that. You had me looking that one up. I think that's one of the best words I've seen/heard in a long time.
    Yea for 4 day weeks.

    Beth, I've missed going down to Cherokee with the wildflowers this year. Love the blooming cacti.
    New car fun, woohoo. You believed that,right?

    Jim, 31 days I think for us. These are the slowest weeks. Hope you get some bike riding weather and time soon.

    Waves to Farf, Mary, Dina, Nancy, Nicky, and all others my brain is too sleepy to remember.

  2. Morning! I woke up at 6:30, was wide awake, figured I could take advantage. Mason slept all night, hooray for allergy meds!!! If I can make a habit of this, I can say hi to everyone & still get to work on time for a change.

    Hang in there, Lisa — summer break's on the way. Daughter Dearest starts finals week next week, although she has to hang around because the chorus sings at graduation.

    Gotta go… writing up a howto blog article on transferring files to a Kindle. You & I know it's no big deal, but Mom needs a little hand-holding. Maybe others will find it useful.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Still erumpting this a.m. thanks to sinus pressure/pollen. Ended up at bedtime last night having to clean up a kitty puke geyser of water & half-chewed food - he jumped up on my bed and let loose. Too fast for me to get there and toss him off. UGH!

    Tossed & turned all darned night (again thanks to record-level tree pollens). Sigh.

    Lisa, wishing you a much better day today!

    Farf, good idea on the "how to" blog post. I do think that it would be helpful to folks.

    ::waves to the rest of you::

    The mimes today should be okay. Bosslady in fab mood yesterday, so hoping it's more of the same. :)

    Hasta la laters!!

  4. Lisa, you've no doubt said earlier, but where--and how--are you in relation to the fires?

    Howdy to all.

  5. Hi, all.

    Maria, there is a fine art to hearing the beginning and getting the cat off the bed in time to have it end up on the floor. Too often one fails. Thank goodness for washers and dryers!

    Happy Wednesday all.

  6. New meaning to tossing 'n turning in bed. Hope Maria Kitty gets better.

    My Sharks had one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs 4th greatest comebacks to win in history. We were down 4-0 against LA and we came back to win it in OT. 6-5. What a game!

    Gotta skidaddle, an actual 9-5er today.


  7. And, Lisa, only 31 days till you can really concentrate on your writing. I'll bet you're really looking forward to that.

    Yay for a good night's sleep. Right now I'm very jealous -- our last two nights have been very noisy with storms and thus sleep-deprived.

    Ugh Maria, your lack of sleep story is way worse than my thunder-and-lightning. Hope tonight is better.

    Howdy back, Nancy.

    Happy Wednesday and the happy the rest of the week, Dina.

    Toodle-loo to you, Janet.

  8. Google kept eating my comments earlier. Ick about the accident, Maria. Haven't you been going out to Cherokee, Lisa? Boo! And boo to allergies and sleepless nights (though if it's to listen to a storm, I'm all ears!).

    Long day sitting. Time to get up and wander around somewhere. Night to those of you more easterly than me!