Thursday, April 21, 2011

Angel Flight

Taken , 2011.

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  1. Daffs are so pretty. Need a bit of daffyness in lfe.

    Wildfires are west of us on the other side of Ft. Worth. Some really nice homes on Possum Kingdom Lake destroyed.
    So dry and we mostly get taunted with clouds and a few spits and spurts of rain.

    Maria, the wonders of pets. I'm pulling up carpet in a my writing area and the hall when Bro moves. Pet presents and mud and ... are so much easier to clean up on tile floor.

    Thursday--Thank heavens.
    Waves to All.

  2. Those fires are very scary, Lisa. I hope they get them under control soon.

  3. Lisa, glad the fires aren't near you! They look horrible. :(

    Started off the day with leaving my phone at home on my desk. ::facepalm:: Ugh. Goes to show how bloody attached I am to the thing. It's not as if I even use it during the day, but still.

    Glad it's my Friday. Wishing you all a great Thursday!

  4. Daffodils! Thank you for spring flowers, andi! It does look like an angel.

    Funny how wired we get, Maria. I'm trying to be less so, but haven't quite managed it yet.

    Hope Mother Nature sends rain your way soon, Lisa. Fires are just awful. The only natural disaster we fear in N Idaho (well, unless Mt Rainier blows...).

    Off to the temporary mimes in a bit. Happy Almost Friday!

  5. We have some white ones like that around the manor. I think they've finished up for the spring though.

    Lisa, that's one reason I'm not a big dog fan. Landmines are no fun to step in or clean up.

    Maria, I'd be lost without my phone too — how would I play Sudoku to give the words part of my brain a rest?

    Blogged a new post last night. Mason (and The Boy) pic cuteness awaits!

  6. Oops, simul-posted with Beth! Hi Beth!

  7. I know, Maria, it's like you've gone off half-naked ... but not exposing any parts that would be embarrassing. :)

    How's the car hunting, Beth? Have you got a model of car in mind?

    They're finished here too, Farf. It was bit unusual this year, though, as they came up just a few days after the yellow daffs instead of a couple of weeks later like they usually do.

    Howdy Dina. Still getting rain? We got a one day break here before it starts again.