Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We're All in This Together

Taken March 13, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Have a good trip, Beth, and loads of fun. Oh yeah, and a nice nap.

    ... back to today.

    Ah spring. It's going to be in the 70s tomorrow with a chance of snow tomorrow night.

  2. Morning all,

    Andi, I LOVE your FUNGI pic.

    Warm and dry and windy here. Spring has sprung with plenty of weeds.The green blends in with the grass so their lives are safe for now.
    Wisteria blooming like crazy down the street. I do appreciate my few degrees south of many of you.

    The kiddos were mostly good yesterday. Stunned from coming back. The taps a turning though and more coming in today.
    Life as usual.

    Cyberhugs to all.

  3. Did I spy katiebird's footprints?!

    Love the photo that could be seashells or fungi.

    I'm giddy with spring, and I don't even care that we'll have one freezing night this week. Take THAT, winter.

  4. (waving madly)

    Andi, I LOVE today's photo -- it looks mysterious and wild.

    I'm still plowing through my unfinished projects and I'll try to find photos for you later today.

    The little niece I babysit has been sick. She's still got the fever she had on Friday. A sick baby is a very sad baby.... Her mom come home early yesterday to take her to the doctor but, I haven't heard how it went.

    More freezing weather??? NO!! I won't have it.

  5. Beautiful day here - I just hope that it lasts until my flight takes off tomorrow.

    Anyone else going to LCC? Nancy??

  6. Not I, Dina. I was going, but I canceled, under the illusion that I'd be writing furiously. hahahaha I hope you have a great time!

    (LCC: Left Coast Crime, a convention of mystery fans/writers.)

  7. I'm with you Nancy. The fungi looks like a reef :) Gawd I miss snorkeling.

    Just been working. I didn't get to attend the Free Bradley Manning event. I have no idea why these things are done in the middle of the afternoon. Why not right at closing time for the Feds and that way they have to leave past the crowd or something? Afternoon, the feds are at their 2 hr lunch and I'm at work. *Frustration*

    This weekend me and Dan will make the coveted cake "balls" I prefer the name Cake Truffles. Wes has a party to attend to on Saturday. Just gonna hang out. No punk-a-billy mosh pits, no marches... Just hang. I might even write a slightly dirty scary story for my Mister.

    Almost done with the Columbo series via streaming netflix. I can't help but think of Mrs. Nancy. We here all love murdery mysteries. Found out a sad thing about Peter Faulk. He went in for some dental work and then ended up with severe dementia onset right afterwards. Very sad. We love him in Princess Bride.

    Moss all over my yard. ICK. But at least it's green. Gotta find some way to kill the ivy on the hilly side. It's going up the trees. Invasive. Not sure how to kill it without poisons - which we won't use. Pesticide free family.

    Got a stinking 12 - 8 shift. Hate these.

  8. Howdy Lisa. Been missing you. How's the writing going?

    Nancy, could I ask you -- please think of this being said very politely and mildly, really imagine just a calm tone without even a hint of the incredibly deserved immoderate and nasty cussing -- NOT TO PISS OFF THE WEATHER GODS!!!!!!!!

    I'll be looking forward to those kb. Who knows maybe it'll inspire you to finish 'em. :)

    Fingers and claws are crossed here for you, Dina.

    I'm loving the moss right now, Janet. It's gorgeous green and spectacularly soft. Of course, I don't really have a yard so I might feel different if I did.

  9. Oops!!

    How's this. . .dammit, I HATE spring and warm weather and I hope it never gets here!

    Wait, no, that's not so good, either.

  10. Humble beseeching and obsequious groveling sounds good.

    I made a blood sacrifice today -- the greenbriars also love spring -- so maybe that will help with the appeasement. And maybe I can get Bebo to make a offering of the dead squirrel she's been showing off for the last couple of days.

  11. The weather gods agree: when it comes to sacrifices, nothing beats a dead squirrel.

  12. Okay, squirrel has been bagged up for the weather gods (and Spicers Refuse). Bebo isn't happy but I'm hoping the weather gods are.

    ... cause I'm still suffering PTSD from the time more we had a 15 inch snow in late April.

  13. I am all for not pissing off weather gods! Particularly when I am about to travel.

    We will miss you, Nancy. Right? Write.

  14. Hey everyone!

    Janet, a weed-eater and an iron rake should at least slow the ivy down. I have a whole hillside of the stuff planted by a previous owner, I cleaned up part of the bank & now there's these purple flowers coming up… need to get a picture. I go out with gloves and various cutting implements to get the oldest of the ivy going up trees, some of which is an inch in diameter. I also have moss in the yard, which I once attempted (without success) to eradicate… then I thought, WWFMD? (What Would Family Man Do?) After all, it's soft, green, and doesn't need mowing or fertilizer… why not let it take over?

    Y'all need to scare the weather gods. Go outside with minimal covering; the weather gods will bring out the sun to tan up that pasty skin. :-D

    Almost done posting White Pickups — one more episode and that's it for Book 1. I need to do some work on Book 2 if I'm going to serialize it… like, you know, write some of the opening chapter(s).

    Pant, puff, back to watching Mason.

  15. Now that's a thought, Farf -- get good weather by giving the weather gods a way to hurt you. Not necessarily a good thought but it is a thought.