Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Water Week: Patchwork Quilt

Taken March 1, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Oh, that's lovely. Soothing colours!

  2. ::what candis said::

    This new earlier work schedule seems to be kicking my behind today, even though I always get up at 6. Am just *dragging*!!

    Of course, I could blame the weather. Storms ahead for this afternoon and my sinuses are definitely active.

    Otherwise, the week is going well. If you're a Joss Whedon fan, don't forget that Whedonistas is officially out March 15! Beware the ides of March, for they shall force you to buy books!! ;) (I've got an essay in the antho, alongside some fabulous authors).

    Still haven't heard back from my agent. Sigh. I am NOT good at waiting.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Belated happy birthday, Beth.

    Maria, I hope the wait is over soon and ends on a really good note.

    Life here is still going through a bad bit but I try and check in. Waves and good thoughts to all.

  4. Just seeing colors in March is soothing, Candis. :)

    I'd say you were getting our storms, Maria, but they were going in northeasterly direction. I hate waiting too -- I hope you don't have to wait much longer.

    I hope life decides to go through a good bit for you very soon, Dina.

  5. Lots of rain today. At least a non-work related work issue got resolved. Sorry about the drive-by, I'll probably not do much more than this tomorrow either. :-/

  6. Ditto. Busy day. Wishing for rain. Loving the colors. Hope everyone has a productive Thursday ahead!