Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Water Week: Light Flows

Taken February 19, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Happy birthday Beth!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a fine celebration.

    Thanks, Janet. :)

    I think I could trade one day in a tie (or even heels -- yuck of yucks) for that trip. Safe and fine journey, Kelly.

    I'm dreaming of ice dragons, Farf. Write faster. ;)

  2. Also continuing from yesterday...

    Happy Birthday Beth!

    Hope you have a safe, fabulous trip, Kelly!

    Andi, I don't know if you read John Irving but his books are fun to reference randomly and tangentially to context because they contain such weird elements. One of my favorites is a lesbian character who lives in a whorehouse in Vienna and dresses in a bear suit 24/7. (That one is from The Hotel New Hampshire.) If you have not read him, I would strongly recommend The Cider House Rules, which is both an excellent novel and a compelling argument for pro-choice ethics.

  3. Yallo! That water looks so warm. Probably deceptive.

    What, I missed Beth's birthday? Happy happy joy joy, Beth! (and thanks Jen for catching it)

    Finished the story last night. The next three parts get posted the next three Fridays. Off to the mimes now…

  4. Beth!! how did we miss your birthday??

    Hope it was grand.

    Today, there was King Cake at the office. I snagged a small bit and ended up with the baby popping out as I sliced my portion. So, I got a wee paper crown (too small to fit on my head) and a plastic baby figurine. Whee?

    What are you all doing for Mardi Gras?

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Spent the weekend celebrating with my girlfriend, then Phil took me out for a snack last night. Lots of Facebook messages, which was very cool. And now y'all are extending the celebration! Thanks!

    Totally missed that it's Fat Tuesday. Thanks for the reminder.

    Love water week, andi! And ditto the good travel wishes, Kelly. Say hello to London for me - spent 6 years there as a kid, and loved it.

    Back to work. Take care, all!

  6. Happy Belated Bellybutton Day, Beth.

    Farf, glad you're feeling better and completed your story. Friend at work told me that he worries about the Teabaggers in a different way. Their chant, "drill here, drill now" and "dril, baby, drill" can easily be changed to "Kill here, kill now" and "Kill, baby, kill" He says that is the real concern and that if you listen to them and the GOP especially on accounts of the economy, social safety nets and the war on women and the attack on the elderly, the disabled and the schools... that that is exactly what they stand for. Kill. They are very angry and want people to be just as miserable as they are.

  7. Jen, the Irving book I read was Garp and that was years and years ago. There was a kind of underlying sweetness to his writing that didn't appeal to me and I never tried anything else by him (too many books, so little time). But I'll put the Cider House Rules on my TBR list (which just grows and grows, still too many books and too little time).

    Having slipped into the water several times while taking photos (squishy water in hiking books -- yet another way suffer for one's art), I can confirm that it isn't warm, Farf.

    I've never heard of King (but now that I've read the wiki page I can see why). For mardi gras, I'm not showing my boobs to people throwing beads -- I might show them to Bebo and Sniff but they have no fingers with which to throw beads. Or bead for that matter. Or any desire to see my boobs for another matter. ;)

    Yippee for happy birthdays, Beth.

    Howdy Janet. Counting the number of ways the Teabaggers can screw us over will take us to infinity and beyond, I'm sorry to say.

  8. Have to run into work early.

    Just got done emailing Wes' teacher. What a great guy he is. They all are. An amazing team of human beings really. Good teachers should be paid more than some stupid football player. The cost of that one new stadium in Texas...that could have been used to increase the pay of the nation's teachers or at least kept some schools from being closed. Idiotic priorities.

    back to Wes.. He's going through some tough times as well as great ones. The movie plans by the three boys last Saturday as a first. I'm still ver-klempt over it :) Setting up another face to face meeting with his teacher. Yesterday we had a panic attack at a busstop but he called me and I managed to talk him down (his bus went right by him and others causing them all to miss their connections).

    The cats really do love the wicker chairs we bought a few weeks back. They've taken them over. Can't even sit in them without picking up a largeass cat first. :)


  9. Andi, I feel somewhat more assured today in my hope for sanity knowing that you aren't out there flashing your titties to the world :)

    I won't flash mine either.

    Although I have flashed a "pink slip" from time to time. :)

  10. This is a pretty good youtube shortie.

    About how war criminals get published.


  11. Janet, I am so glad I could do my bit to keep your hope for sanity burning bright.

  12. Happy birthday Beth!

    Andi I second Jen's recommendation of Cider House Rules.

    I was never able to get through Garp but I've enjoyed many of his other books - although some of his characters do tend toward the weird side. I like that. But I know other people have issues with it.

    I remember really liking A Prayer for Owen Meany. Owen is supposed to have a strange but compelling voice and Irving writes everything Owen says IN CAPITAL LETTERS. When other characters found Owen a little annoying I could relate because the physicality of reading ALL THOSE CAPITAL LETTERS was similar to the physicality of hearing a strange voice. It was a little exhausting.