Monday, March 7, 2011

Water Week: Come On In, The Water's Fine

Both taken February 17, 2011
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  1. Morning All.

    I went to the property this weekend. After being bit by Kip Thursday A.M. and having a day to match that at school, I decided on some quiet time to myself.

    Territory issues have been a problem with Kip and I. He thought he was protecting dear hubby. I'm ready to brain the knuckle head. Ugly buise, no real torn flesh. But I'm not going into a dark room with him now.

    Spring Break is a week away. WooHoo.

    Maria, may your story blossom.

    Beth, permanent money be good. I'm thinking some of us have jobs that aren't all fun either. Wait, all of us have jobs that aren't all fun. So join the crowd.

    Farf, hope this week has you feeling better.

    Dina, cyberhugs.

    Andi, Good to see the pups frolicing.

    Jim, hope your spring break comes soon too.

    Jen, you are a kitty guardian angel.

    Waves to all that follow.
    Off to reality.
    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Both taken February 17, 2011

    Imo that water's only "fine" if you're wearing an insulated fur coat, but that could just be my Miami Beach childhood talking. :)

    Lisa, is Kip the iguana/lizard, or is that your daughter's animal companion? Either way you're probably pretty lucky he didn't break the skin for infection's sake. Best wishes to you (and to your mister) for quick healing.

    No kittens here yet, but I have charged up my camera battery and washed all the linens. Hope everyone has a great day!

  3. Looks like they are searching for an escaped convict :)

    'I'm shaken da bush, Boss'

    Riddle me this:

    It's "ok" for Teabaggers and their ilk to bring firearms to healthcare rallies.

    It's "ok" for 'Rush Glenn Palin' to holler about a war against liberalism and all their hate talk.

    It's now sanctioned by the SCOTUS for Fred Phelps' Westboro Hate Gang to protest funerals.

    But it's not okay to wear a "Veterans For Peace" t-shirt outside a convention center - outside of a "free speech zone"?

    Really!? And these "less gubbermint" who wnat to enforce their religious and redneck views on every raped woman, teen and little girl are okay with that? They don't see the stupidity of any of this?

    I'll keep shaken da bush, Boss.

    Had a really weird happening on the steets the other day and Wayne was in the car with me to witness it. This lady pulls up behind me and gets right on my tail. She pulls out a bigarse camera and starts pointing it at the back end of my car. WTF? She took several shots because she did that for a block. Wayne was all, "how can she drive doing that?" Don't know if she liked my stickers or what. Was really weird. Thought maybe I did a boner move in traffic and she was trying to get my license. But I had done nothing.

  4. *waves amidst frantic trip prep*

    Really really not very coherent at the moment but wanted to say supportive things about all the writing talent on display around here the most week or two.

    So: go team! Y'all rock! Go forth and conquer!

    And now, not so much relurking, as letting the undertow take me down into the depths again. TTFN.

  5. KMac, look out for the Under Toad! :)

  6. And don't get a bj in a street-parked car!

  7. I bought this house because a single engine plane crashed into it.


    Gotta get ready for a midshift. ACK

  8. Ouch, Lisa. Always bad when your own dogs bites ya. But yay for spring vacations (Jim's is next week too).

    Nope, you're right, Jen. The water is damn cold but as far as the dogs are concerned, their philosophy in all things (e.g., time to eat, time to get up, time to play) is that if it's fine for them, it ought to be fine for human.

    Janet, that just begs for a comment about your much too attractive rear end but I'm too dignified to do anything like that. ;)

    This is the Scotland trip, right Kelly? If so, my jealousy is suitably engaged.

    Umm Jen and Janet, is there a cliff notes for your last two comments?

  9. Yeah, you're right, Lisa. Most jobs aren't fun. I just keep hoping if I have to do something that many hours in a week, I'd enjoy it. Wishful thinking.

    Birthday today - wine and bruschetta tonight to celebrate one more trip around the sun.

    Will enjoy kitten pix when they arrive, Jen!

    Waving to everyone else....

  10. Andi, lines from the film "Garp" :)

  11. Andi, 4 days in Scotland, 7 in London, and 5 in Oxford. Only downside is I'm going to have to wear a tie one day.

  12. I think I agree with Andi… "fine" is a matter of who has the fur coat.

    Lisa, I don't think I'd tolerate a dog that bit me without a very good reason (i.e. it was in pain). Or Mrs. Fetched. And if it bit Mason…

    Anyway, I'm doing OK now, but The Boy has the virus. And of course, he got it on a night he decided to "celebrate" with Lobster over the latter's removal of the final load of stuff from the manor. He was kind enough to leave me the car, but didn't leave the key. I'm not much sympathetic, needless to say, but Mrs. Fetched told me to stop & get Powerade to get his fluids up so I did. Won't be mime'ing at home this week since the boss's boss is going to be in the days I usually stay here.

    Kelly, enjoy the trip. One day in a tie is tolerable. One.

    Janet, every time the teabaggers do something ELSE stupid, I watch gas prices going up and enjoy the thought of them shoveling more $$$ into their Tiny P***s Compensators at the gas station.

    OK, off to finish the flash series. New White Pickups is up, of course. Three more eps and it's done. Then I can focus on rewrites and the sequel.