Friday, March 11, 2011

Water Week: Between Storms

Taken March 5, 2011.

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  1. Friday and Loving the Water Shots, Andi.

    Way too chaotic at school so I've gone into hibernate mode at the house ro recoup some sanity.

    Gotta get the ten+ new kiddos in today and then Spring Break--WooHoo.

    A Great Weekend to All.

  2. And we wake to news of a huge tsunami in Japan, which will hit Hawaii & PacCoast soon. :(

    Lisa, I understand hibernation mode...a LOT. Spending much of my weekend there, I think. Sending you loads of good vibes!!

    Wishing everyone a great weekend.

  3. Really terrible news out of Japan this morning. I can't even imagine experiencing that.

    Have a good Friday everyone.

  4. Spring vacation starts for Jim too, Lisa. Woo hoo for both of you.

    Maria and Mary, it is really terrible and terrifying as is watching the tsunamis move across the ocean.

  5. We lived in Tokyo for 2.5 years when I was a kid, and had earthquakes all the time. You really barely noticed them - we'd stop, wait for it to end, and then continue on with whatever we were doing. So the fact that Tokyo has shut down over this one is amazing.

    And the tsunami pictures are scary. I've spent a lot of time on the Oregon coast, and am hoping it's a non-event there.

    My problems are miniscule in comparison.

    Sobering Friday to all.

  6. Hi, all. It is a bad day today, what with the earthquake and all.

    On a more personal level, yesterday a dear friend died after battling colon cancer. It was less then 6 weeks from diagnosis to death but I know Angelo fought the good fight. He leaves behind his wife, my dear friend, Chris, and three lovely children, the youngest one only 10 years old. He also leaves hugh gaping holes in our hearts.

    Thank you for letting me remember him here.

  7. Waves to all!

    Very sad news from Japan. It appears that Hawaii is okay.

    Good weekend to all.

  8. The upside of an 8.9 earthquake was that I taught the idea of logarithms to 6th graders.

    No school for a week. Yippee!!

  9. I'm so sorry about your friend, Dina.

  10. Thanks, Beth. It has been a hard time.

  11. Hi Beth, Dina, B2. Oh yeah, and that guy on vacation.

    All my sympathies, Dina.

  12. Hey all… I've also been seeing pics of the tsunami and aftermath. Work has an office in Tokyo, Matsui-san emailed and said everyone was okay but the buildings were swaying 3 feet or more each way for 10-15 minutes. He said it was the strongest he'd ever seen, and Tokyo is 400km from the epicenter. They thought the building would collapse, but they design stuff to ride out big quakes there.

    Sounds like people are having a rough time of it emotionally, too. Hope everyone gets a little R&R over the weekend and are ready to leap back into action on Monday…