Monday, March 14, 2011

Too Far and Far Enough

Taken March 1, 2011.

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  1. Wakey, wakey!!!

    Opposite to most folks, I ended up getting up earlier than 5:20 DST. Ugh. Did my miles (9 today); ate brekkie & went to the mimes early. Working a little bit of a long day today (7-5) to make up some time.

    Spring is crawling in, slowly but surely. I expect it will be here in full force in not too much longer.

    In the meantime, it's still bloody chilly before dawn (38F) and getting really close to my ideal temps in the afternoons (today: 50).

    Hoping to speak w/agent today. Called him on Friday afternoon, only to find out he was out. Le sigh.

    Wishing you all a great weekend and SPRING BREAK!

  2. G'morning Maria, you've done more before 8am than many people will do all day. ;)

    Sorry I missed what seemed like Old Home Week around here yesterday afternoon/eve. Some wonderful familiar names bring the comfort and strength of solidarity. We are not small numbers gathered on a little nowhere blog anymore, we are global and we are in the tubes. :)

    Nancy, I sincerely hope you enjoy Flagstaff. I lived there for nearly 13 years and you know I am not exactly "of the woo" (heh) but I believe it is a truly magical little place.

    Kitteh pix will be hard to come by until Mama feels safe to move these tiny little creatures out from under the bookcase, but she was tolerant enough to give me one shot with enough flash to see a wee face.

  3. Jen!! CUTEST wee kitty face ever...well, besides my own cute kitty boy. ::g::

    1.5 hours into the mime-day and I had to go down to the deli (bottom floor) to get 2nd breakfast & coffee. Nom nom.

  4. Oh Maria, he is squee-dorable.

  5. Good luck on that call, Maria ... and on the warmer temps.

    Too cute, Jen! Thanks (to you and Mama) for the peek. And a town with a food heaven like Macy's is definitely magical. :)

  6. Okay, Flagstaff has moved up on my list of "must see before I leave AZ." I didn't remember that you lived there for so long, Jen!

    And thanks for the kitty pix, ladies - way too cute.

    Can't blame the time change for waking up at 4am, sigh. Trying to be productive until it gets light.

    Hope everyone has a painless Monday.

  7. (waving) I woke up this morning thinking of everyone (I think Nancy's FB post jogged my pea-brain) and with my new Mac making couch blogging such a dream, I am actually cruising the Internet with my morning coffee! And visiting you....

    I'm gonna stop by yesterday's thread to see who stopped by then and wave.

    Everything's going well with me but, I'm sulking a little this morning because (on a whim) I looked at an Open House yesterday and it was the cutest, most perfect house (for me) that I've ever seen in my life. And I can't get anyone else to even look at it. Which, considering we can't really move right now, is probably just as well. But, still worth a sulk.....

  8. Love the sunshine on the dog's backside! Shining here too, and lots of spring flowers out. I've just been to the fracture clinic and been told I'm doing fine, next step physio. And I'm allowed to try driving in a week or so, though I'm a bit apprehensive so will need a nice empty car park to practise in.

    Can't wait to get back to some kind of normal life, this has been a scary foretaste of what it's like to be a 'really' old biddy - and I don't like it one bit! Dependent on other people for the simplest things and even now have to get hubby to undo my bra at bedtime. (Not that he minds, 40+ years ago it was one of his greatest ambitions!)

    Happy sunshiny days to come for all of us!

  9. There's tons to do in Flagstaff and environs, Beth. It makes a great combo trip with the Grand Canyon.

    Hiya kb! Sorry about the house (though I'm much more likely to be like all those sticks-in-the-mud who won't even consider moving). Congrats on the new Mac!

    Great to hear you are making progress, Nicky. Also glad to hear that your hubby is rediscovering old talents. ;)

  10. Jen! I didn't know you had a big, black Pussy! For some reason I had in my head all your critters were like Wes - Orange Tabs. What a stoic looking Mama. Hope you can find forever homes for all of them.

    Nicola, just keep doing your physical therapy. I know it sucks feeling so dependant and vulnerable. After my wrist surgery a bit ago, I refused to come out of the bathroom till I could finangle a way to pull up my own panties. Yeah, I needed help with the bra, too. Can't tell you what Vertigo does to your ego. It should be called VertEgo. It's like you have to be stronger in order to accept help from others so you can be more self-reliant. That sounds Obi Wan Kenobish...

    Was great seeing so many yesterday! A mini reunion on the Acreage. Thanks for hosting Andi & Jim.

    So the powers that when asked about finding alternatives to nuclear power stated they weren't going to let one "event" stop them... OMG! Let's just build a nuclear power plant right along a canal and alongside an oil refinery next to another unneeded damn which is adjacent to a volcano and we can all shop at the pretty Super Wal Mart there.

    Jesus Christ Tap Dancing on a Cracker. One "event" won't deter them.

  11. Hi,all. Of course I have the cutest cats possible but I have no idea how to post pictures.

    Up way too early this morning and paying for it now.

  12. Oooo, kitty pix! And lots of old friends!

    Mason ran himself ragged yesterday & had his 18mo checkup today. He remembers that laying on exam table = shot. But he's healthy & active, if maybe a little sore & cranky today.

    And yes, I'm always ready to help Mrs. Fetched with bra removal!

    There's a nuclear design called "pebble bed" that is supposed to be nearly meltdown proof, China is using them now. They don't need liquid cooling, so the situation in Japan wouldn't apply to them. Not that they're any more sustainable in the long run… there's only so much uranium to go around.