Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Time is Right for Dancing in the Street

Taken March, 2011.

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  1. Too bad you didn't post this on March 2, Dr. Seuss' birthday.

  2. After my recent Unfortunate Experience I don't think I'm ever going dancing again!
    Surviving here, and recovering gradually tho still not able to put much weight on my wrists. Just a matter of time now, I think. It's bliss being able to be more independent but not able to drive yet, which will be a real breakthrough.

    Still, spring is doing its thing and the birds are busy: there's a nuthatch in our nest box and we're watching her via the camera, quite a change from two years of bluetits.

    Happy spring day to all who follow: the sun is shining, the daffodils nodding, and the fat cat snoozing indoors, having declared the outside far too cold for him.

  3. Dear spring, you can just STOP, 'k? All that pollen bursting out all freaking over. No more!!

    ::waves feebly::

    Been down for the count the last couple of days, thanks to allergies kicking me in the behind. Even missed 2 days of the mimes. Working on getting there today. Let's see how long I last. Ugh.

    Very cute kitty pic yesterday, Jen!! He's adorable.

    Nic- hang in there!! I can't imagine not being able to drive myself around. I'd go stir crazy.

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday.

  4. Good thing I was sitting right next to Jim when I saw his comment so he could explain to me (I'm sure the rest of you got it right away) that it looks like the way Dr. Suess draws trees.

    Nicky, I'm sure you've got a dancing mind, even if the body doesn't cooperate. Hope the recovery keeps improving.

    Maria, sorry about the allergic reactions. On the happy side, I just read an article in Science News that allergies seem correlate with a lower incidence of cancer (especially brain, colonrectal, and pancreatic).

  5. You guys are in my blog post today at TLC. :) Don't be skeered, it's all good and unidentifiable, I hope. Andi, should I take out the mention of Ohio?

  6. I started to mention more of you whom I've met in RL, but then I remembered I didn't actually meet you first on line. Or did I? Beth? Lisa? Didn't
    we first meet at the writers' conference? Or have I got it backward?

  7. Andi, your title is great with that photo! It's a great photo but, it really comes alive with that title.

  8. Morning! My first thought upon seeing that picture is that someone got into the grapes and didn't leave any!

    Happy to hear you're continuing to heal, Nicky. Hope you'll be driving soon!

    {{{Maria}}} Allergies suck.

    Nancy, the 'net is a great thing for friends. I tell Mrs. Fetched about "my friend in LA did this, my friend in London is doing that" and it *is* pretty awesome when you think about it.

    Mason pics! Wildflower pics! (Mason's highly PO'ed about something at the moment, judging from the noises coming through the door.)

  9. Since Jim and I actually live in Indiana, it's a great bit of obfuscation, Nancy. :D

    Thanks, kb. I often send as much time deciding on titles as I do picking out the pictures so it's really great when they play so well together.

    OMFSM, Farf! He's getting gigantic! I'm very proud of myself that I could tear myself away from adoring him to enjoy your exquisite flower pictures.

  10. hahaha! Andi, I ALWAYS place you in Ohio. I'm sorry, you're just not Indiana in my mind.

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  12. If you think I'm going to be mollified by that logic, Nancy, you obviously haven't spent enough time in (or living next to) Ohio. :P

    We should have a contest to see who has met the most people IRL competition (mostly because I think I might be the winner). Here's my list of the folks who've commented here:

    •  Beth*
    •  boran2
    •  CG (two times, once with baby Finn)
    •  Farf (and family)
    •  Katiebird (two times)
    •  Lisa*
    •  Mary (multiple times in multiple places)
    •  Nancy (and Kimber)

    * people who have personally met The Pack, walked in the woods with them, and slept on Sniff's futon.

  13. Oh ho, we haven't been to the US since 1997 - it's surely time for a revisit sometime!

  14. From just here (& my old blog & the frog pond):

    • Katiebird--every week sometimes!
    • Lisa--twice
    • Mary-- once
    • Kimber --twice
    * Beth--several!
    * Randy--used to live in KC
    * Andi & Jim--once
    * Dina--many times!
    * Maria--many times!

    Bites nails, trying to remember who I've forgotten!

  15. Eek!!!!

    I left out Jen (twice) ... and Wes and Lucy (once).

    And kidspeak!

    Well if we're doing the frog pond, then I have more:
    SecondNature (four times, twice at my place)
    Errol (twice [I don't think she was there when you were, Nancy])
    IndianaDem (bunches of times)
    ask (and the asklets)

  16. I don't think I could even begin to list em all...

    I did go to a DailyKos event in Berkley, Ca. And then there was the protest in DC where I met about 50 from Kos and met a goup from Booman for drinks and a trip through the Smithsonan.

    Most of my hockey chat friends, I call family and have met in "real life" several times.

    One of the first people I met in Oregon was BOHICA (from DK) I now see him every time I go out to a protest or event. He's always there. Sometimes just sitting outside waiting. Like a guardian angel - not a stalker :)

    Jim, first thing I thought was where's the tiny elephant? :)

  17. Teh Internets. :)

    I started chatting on them because I needed to find as much information about autism as I could. Back when Wes was first diagnosed as autistic (at first they thought he was deaf) only 1 out of 10,000 were autistic. In just ten years it jumped to 1 out of 175 according to the CDC. Horrific numbers that no one cares about as long as there is Monday Night Football, "reality" tv and wars to continue waging so as to deplete this country's economy and morale.

    I coud not hook up with other mommies or even have a life outside of our home. My son was the child who did not sleep. Did not nap. He didnt' talk nor did he seem to hear. He was the constant and ultimate escape artist. You want to know what exhaustion truly is? Me for ten years.

    So I read a chat room about autism and I decided to comment. I picked a non-gendered name and it was the name of a horse my son was riding at a ranch for the disabled. Azul. That's my "real" nickname for these past 15 years. It's the name most know me as even in real life. Rancho Luna Azul. Blue Moon Ranch.

    I then started chatting in a hockey room for the San Jose Sharks. I met my first true friends there. Ones I call family and ones who love me and my children with all their hearts.

    They've watched us all grow and evolvel. I went from being a Mom imprisoned in redneck territory to a Mom who flew across the country to say Eff You Bush, my children deserve a better future and nation. We can do better.

    Online friendships... don't need the tag of "online" anymore. They are simply friendship. I love you all and consider you friends, not just "chat buddies" who luckily didn't turn out to be serial killers who could trace you and keeel you. That was the big worry of chatting in the beginning... those murdering murders just waiting to gethca.

  18. I didn't get Jim's reference either, I'm glad you explained.

    I've met lots of online friends but I'm too tired right now to start counting, I would offend someone by leaving them out - but I know I've met Andi the MOST of anybody!!

  19. I agree with you completely, Janet, about online friendships. And I think the proof is that when I do meet my "virtual" buddies IRL it's just a continuation of the friendship that's already been established, not something new (except people's voices never match what I thought they would sound like).

    And we're about due for another meet-up, Mary. Spring is here and the time is right for delving into history's mysteries.

  20. Waving from Florida! Hanging out with the fam, watching basketball. Have a few minutes of wireless, so trying to catch up.

    Nancy, we met through your blog after Jason recommended we check it out, so yep, we're internetty friends. But then we met in RL on one of my trips through KC. Where I met KB, too. I met Farf and andi/jim on road trips. Kimber I knew about through WRW, but then met online, then in RL. Lisa I met at WRW, then continued the friendship online and in person. Also met Ghostfolk online, then in RL. Still hoping to meet the rest of you one of these days!!

    Baseball tomorrow - night game, which should be great. Still trying to catch up sleep from working too many nights. It's great to be with my family!

    Hope you all have a good week!

  21. Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But first: go Butler!

    Have fun with the family, Beth.

    Night all.