Friday, March 4, 2011

Thus Does the Battle Ebb and Flow

Taken February 26, 2011.

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Update: another view.


  1. Morning, gang!!

    ::bitchslaps the lingering winter away::

    Had a ridiculously cold day yesterday (highs never reached 40) after a shirtsleeved day prior. Today, warming up again, but not too warm. Winter clinging on with claws & teeth, methinks!!!

    Up early as per usual to ride the bike. 10 miles achieved on leg 2 of the virtual journey--this leg begun by listening to Great Big Sea Road Rage.

    Running errands after a bit (sad part about getting up too early, the stores aren't actually open yet!)

    Hoping to work on a short story that is tickling my brain.


  2. Hey all! Looks like it's all flow at this point, or maybe the ebb comes out at night?

    Planet Georgia cooled off a little after the storm front, but it's still pleasant enough — no jacket in the car when the sun's shining, and long sleeves are (almost) enough at noon.

    I posted the ice dragon story this morning, and a brief memo last night about Lobster possibly moving on. Andi, I copied the photo into my blog's gallery, but credited you in the caption & linked it back to the original post. I did it that way because I know Photobucket can get a little finicky about lots of external references, and FridayFlash easily gets the most TFM traffic these days. If you want me to do it different, just say the word.

  3. Love flowing water!!!

    Saw the post, Farf - life continues to be interesting at the Manor...

    Sorry about fickle winter, Maria - spring's on its way, promise.

    My girlfriend Adrienne arrives today for the weekend. We'll do some touristy stuff, and generally catch up. Looking forward to the break!

    My temp job offered to make me permanent yesterday. Good and bad to it. I'd really hoped to find a fun job this time. But haven't had any luck. Maybe inspiration will hit over the weekend.

    TGIF, y'all.

  4. I love the flowing water, too! So incredibly soothing; always feels healing to me on some radical internal level. Gorgeous little rock formation in there, as well.

    Hope everyone is gearing up/down for whatever kind of weekend is most desired. :)

  5. Ride on, Maria! I am in full sympathy with you -- we've got a chance of snow in our weekend forecast.

    It does ebb at night, Farf, because it's been below freezing and that does slow down the drainage into the creeks. I left my comment on the story over at your place but I'll just reiterate here that I am hooked and beyond eager for the next installment.

    Well you'll have to let us know, Beth, whether we should congratulate you on the job or not.

    Jen (and Beth), you're in luck. With the snow melt and all the rain, I have an abundance of flowing water pictures which means there will be an abundance of flowing water photo posts. I like that rock a lot too. The colors are nice, it has a subtle glow, and it's part of these nifty little diamond formation (see picture added to post).

  6. I too love the flowing water pictures.

    Congratulations (?) Beth. Just remember that it is just as easy to quit a permanent job when you get a better job as it is to quit a temp job. But in the meantime ... you have permanency.

    Andi, I haven't been sleeping too well this week and my brain is sort of foggy but did I read correctly that your Secretary of State has been indicted for ... voter fraud? heh.

  7. Sorry about the sleep problems, Mary. But of course your brain is working fine -- our Secretary of State has been indicted for 7 (count 'em) felony charges. It's more than just the voter fraud -- there are theft and perjury charges too.

  8. Gotta run errands today and pick up stuffaluffs. Do some organizing, draw up some plans (because that's one of the few ways for me to "essplayne" things to my engineer brained husband.

    Shocked, well not really, to read that the teabaggists in Texas are trying to make the same laws as Arizona regarding undocumented workers - UNLESS those undocumented workers do household chores or mow your lawn...

    So it's okay to use cheap manual labor or is it okay to hire slaves? Is this indentured servant time or what? "It's a crime except if we do it..." Either it is or it isn't.

    Debbie Riddle, who is fronting the bill, she wears flags for shirts and belt buckles the size of a plate - she must be a "real american"....

    Don't give Wisconsin and Ohio! I hope all public workers go on a general strike. If the GOP stop the federal govt... it might be time for all of us to go on strike.

    I'm actually going to try to write this weekend. I'm going for the dark side first. I need time to go back to school and that might not happen for another 6 months - but they also, aside from refresher classes for comp/grammar, but ePublishing. I just want to get my tales for kids and my short darks written down. I've even reclaimed my laptop from everyone. Nobody no toucha my stuff! ;)

    Aware citizens, Activists - be safe.

    PSSST Andi, Habitat for Humanity's "Restore" is teaming up with my store. I'm locked in to help next Fall build a house. Painter.

  9. Una Mas!

    Working Parent's Nightmare Dept. or "My Co-Worker Just Flew the Hell Out of Here"

    Parents know the ordeal of having to leave work when called due to an emergency with their child. You have to be 'strong like bull'.

    My friend/co-worker's daughter who just had her tonsils removed this week due to a strange absess that had formed on them - was unable to call so took a phone picture and sent it to her mom's phone. Resourceful kid! Needless to say, my friend ran home, only to find that a light pole had fallen across the street so she showed the work crew the photo of her daughter and said, "I'm going through!" Ultimate "get out of traffic violation" card. "Mister Police Officer, you'll be escorting me home right freakin now!"

    Her daughter is fine, she's a hockey fan, a large scab was created somehow and it came off and looked much worse than it was. But still... I'm amazed my co-worker managed to even get home safely. I think I would have just dropped becaues my knees would have given out.

    Disturbing "So, you think you had a bad day at work?" photo link:

    An aside, my job has progressive policies so my friend wasn't nailed with an absence, tardy or anything. We have sick time for our kids even. Now That's American Worker Rights, Baby!

  10. Oh and anyone of us would have driven her to her house and then to the ER, but she left like greased lightning.

  11. Some good was done in the world today:

    Wes, not captured on film, and his classmates raised over $500 for the Oregon Food Bank and the Oregon Humane Society by collecting spare change in February. They handed over the moolah to the charities today.

  12. Geez Janet, after that last link you've got me afraid to look at your photo links. :P

    But fortunately I girded my loins and was saw those happy pictures. Good work, Wes!

  13. Oops, almost forgot -- good on you, Janet, for the Habitat work!

  14. The Habitat work out isn't till Fall so I haven't done nuttin' yet, honeycups.

    Michelle's daughter's mishap reminds me of a real story I am going to use for my dark version of kiddy tales is when my brother was just a little guy of about 3 or 4 he was making the grocery store's automatic dorrs open and close while Mom was getting her groceries rung through. They were the doors that flipped open, not the sliding doors of now. He was running and since I was the big sister I was sent over to "stop him, he's driving me nuts". "Little did we know" that he was running around with a big old hunk of beef jerky in his mouth.

    The doors flipped open right on his face as he was barging through and he bit his tonge hard and bloodied his knows from the impact. The doors stuck and it took a male clerk to reach up and turn off the doors. My brother was crying, snot running down his nose along with the blood and with all eyes in the store on the chaos upfront... he spat out the beef jerky from his bloodied mouth.

    Mom screamed that he had lost his tongue. Chaos ensued.

    I always think about it when we pass the beef jerky around while on car trips or hike-a-thons. Polyester panted moms running around sreaming like chickens with their heads cut off.. it was cool. :P

  15. Real life still sucks here. Trying to keep up even if I don't post.

    Hugs and good thoughts to all.

    PS - Maria, Road Rage!?! I think I have heard of that.