Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Listening for Lunch

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By Shel Silverstein

The saddest thing I ever did see
Was a woodpecker peckin’ at a plastic tree.
He looks at me, and “Friend,” says he,
“Things ain’t as sweet as they used to be.”

Pileated Woodpecker
By: Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr

dressed for his coronation
in ebony cape,
ermine trim,
scarlet-crested crown.
But would royalty be caught
backing down a dead hickory?

The Woodpecker
by Emily Dickinson

His bill an auger is,
       His head, a cap and frill.
He laboreth at every tree, --
       A worm his utmost goal.


  1. No woodpeckers today, since they're smart enough to stay cozy in the [insert bad word here that means frozen precipitation]. Yup, dusting of said "bad word" on all the cars this a.m. Bah.

    From yesterday - Andi!! Your niece's place sounds fab! I sent an email to my sis to let her know we *must* go there during our NY trip this fall. So much yummy!!

    Just chillin' today--aka, doing some straightening & picking up around the place. Too bloody chilly to contemplate going outdoors. I mean, if I'm going to suffer from spring allergies, I need spring temps, right? ::g::

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. 1. Ha! Love the Shel Silversteen.
    2. I think Prince Andrew is getting caught backing down a dead hickory.
    3. Perhaps not Emily's best effort, lol.

    I have basketball on the brain.

    Waves to all.

  3. Maria, the [bad word] should have settled the pollen out of the air, and what's covering the plants will prevent further distribution. So if you *do* brave the cold, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the allergies. Pollen counts in the ATL can be brutal this time of year, like 3000 on Thursday & 2000 on Friday. The scale designates "extreme" as anything above 120, so we need some beyond-extreme designators.

    Some nasty storms came through last night, moving at 50MPH. The worst of it, as usual, went just north of us — there were reports of golf ball-size hail — but we got some strong gusts and little hail rattling the windows. That's spring in the South, pollen and dangerous storms.

    Mason's still sleeping, at almost 9:30! He'll probably be up in a few though… later!

  4. Oooops, simul-post with Nancy! Hi Nancy!

  5. Winter Hawks won their game one of the playoffs. They are the #1 seed in the WHL. Sold 3 tix to a co-worker and his family. Sweet 6yo girl who was crazy about hockey. Turns out it was the guy's 44th bday. So we all celebrated much last night. Gifted the 4th tix on to another co-worker who had never been to a game. :)

    Not up for today. Too tired and tummy is talking to, just not sure what it's saying.

    Stormed yesterday. Had hail several times. Not golfball sized, just regular but lots of it.

    Saw that one of the backyard nation squirrels was fat with babies.

    Gotta get to the mimes..

  6. Hey, far, and Janet and Maria!

    Beth, did you watch the massacre?

  7. Off for 3 days of camping with kids. Have a good week.