Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Timely Triptych

Daylight Savings Time
by Phyllis McGinley

In spring when maple buds are red,
We turn the clock an hour ahead;
Which means, each April* that arrives,
We lose an hour out of our lives.

Who cares? When autumn birds in flocks
Fly southward, back we turn the clocks,
And so regain a lovely thing
That missing hour we lost in spring.

*Obviously written before a recent Congress decided it could screw things up even more.


  1. Good morning! Kittens are being born in my home office right now and I have never attended kitteh birth before so if anyone has any helpful advice that would be so very much appreciated.

    Ruby had two right in the middle of the floor and then she moved them under a bookcase behind some large novels. (She seems pleased that Stephen King's editor basically just gave the hell up for a decade or so as she is currently protected by three King's Towers; yes some are those Towers, heh.)

    There might now be a third bebe but I don't feel I ought to disturb unless I hear bad sounds, and so far it's all purring and mewling so I don't know what the headcount is under there. I've provided her with bowls of food and water nearby, a towel-lined box to move the kittens into if she wants, and her own private litter-box in the closet.

    E had to go to work so I'm here with just the other cats (who are locked out of this room). Please to offer reassurances, even if not advice. ::makes needy boo face at whole group, apologizes for showing neurosis so nakedly::

  2. Sounds like your solid, Jen. Plus, you thought of things (like removing other cats) that I wouldn't have. Take care Big Momma! (that's a big ten four) Pictures when you get a chance or a peek. Dark Towers, ha!

    I hate DST! It screws all of us up here at the house for at least two weeks.

    Know what happens when wind turbines malfunction? They stop spinning. No pollution, no cancer risks for generations to come. No need to LIE. Can't say that with oil and nukes.

  3. Thanks Janet, you f*n rock. Pix will come whenever Mama seems more comfortable.

    PS. We've been trying to get one of the monied people we know here in Ohio to invest heavily in wind farms. More about that some other time, but, yeah -- clean, sustainable, safe energy sources are so obviously vastly superior. And they'll all bring jobs, gotta manufacture the parts and run/maintain/fix/improve the new machines.

    My heart goes out to all those suffering in Japan, I just don't even know what else to say, such loss is so tragic.

  4. I'll be the contrarian — I love DST because it means I can get home from work & have some daylight.

    Agree about solar/wind. I think the objections are summed up well in a poli cartoon I saw in high school, a fat cat at his desk:

    You want hydro? We own the dams.
    You want gas or oil? We own the wells.
    You want coal? We own the mines.
    You want nuclear? We own the reactors.
    You want solar? We own… um… solar isn't feasible!

  5. Bebe kittehs!! Go, Mama! Hang on, Jen!

    "Let's put some nuclear reactors right on the coast as close as we can get to this thing called, um, lemme check, oh yeah, THE RING OF FIRE. What can possibly go wrong?"

    I love DST, too, Far! Tonight's going to be thrilling, to have so much light for so long. :D <<shiny teethed smile

  6. None of the clocks at work are correct.

    I think if every teacher showed their kids the movie "Crude" - which depicts children in the SE states living on the crap that refineries leave... then maybe the children would revolt. But since the Texas Board of Education DICTATES what our children are taught... that'll never happen. No Child Left Behind. Most unbrilliant idea ever.

    Jen, I've heard about several manufacturing firms wanting to bring the jobs to Ohio, Michigan and one other state, lately, about wind turbine PARTS manufacturing. Shot down. In a blaze of unglory.

    Time to meltdown these corporate fascist pigs. Let them feed their children oil milkshakes and sit in the radiation fallout and drink dirty water. Too many damn risk when it comes to nuclear "power".

  7. Sorry, Crude is about our raping other countries, South America, for their oil and how their water now tastes like gasoline.

    I can't recall the name of the movie that shows American kids sitting on big pits of tar and discusses the cancer rates...

  8. Thanks for the support, Nancy. :)

    Current headcount: 4!

  9. Who is winning? Boys or Girls? :P

  10. Mazel tov, Jen, to you, E, and the mama.

  11. Way to go, Jen. Never been present at the birth but I do love kittens. If you can, please post pictures.

  12. Hip hip hurray, KITTENS.

    Getting ready to cook out in Farf's extended daylight and enjoying not going to school tomorrow.

    Farf, I'm going to pass on your cartoon quote.

    Janet, we had a teacher catch all sorts of flak for showing An Inconvenient Truth.

    Peaceful Sunday to all.

  13. Hope the kitties are doing well, Jen - never been around the birthing process, so good luck!! Hopefully Ma Nature takes over.

    I have a friend in Tokyo - we lived there for 2.5 years when I was a kid. She's okay so far, although we're not hearing much from her. The whole situation is overwhelming. Puts our petty problems to shame.

    Sorry about losing an hour. Time doesn't change in AZ - kind of like being on an island as hours flee all around us. Enjoy the extended daylight!

    Love the water shots, andi, here in the getting-hotter-every-day desert.

  14. Jim, Danni's govt class just ran "Food, Inc." she bawled her eyes out.

    Her teacher said there were times when you could buy your bread hot out of the oven and your milk would come in reusable glass jars. She said, still does happen.. at my Mom's store. :)

    satelite shots of before and after

    I hope all my NW Airlines family are safe... Coworker here who is from Japan is out for obvious reasons, tyring to locate family of hers.

    Peace & Strength (two kitteh names purrhaps?)

  15. Anxiously awaits pottie pictures. *tap tap*

    Hey, I went back and checked my BMT diary and Supersoling posted!!! I miss him so damn much!!! And who is Dorito Don? I can't post in an "archived" diary. Phooey.

  16. I forgot to mention, cool, crisp photos. But at first glance, I thought 707 was lol.


  17. Nancy, yeah SS! I only have his old email so I wrote to that Dorito Don and asked him/her to send my email onto Supersoling...

  18. kittehs!!!

    I LOVE DST. Maybe those of us in the eastern part of a timezone like it better.

    Super used to stop by here sometimes, but not in a while Every once in a while he stops by my blog and it is always good to see him. Maybe by mentioning him we'll conjure him ;)

  19. I wonder who the heck Dorito Don is.

    For you guys who don't know who the heck we're talking about!, "supersoling" is a great guy some of us knew back at a political blog where we first met Andi. And each other.

  20. Well Dorito Don knew of Ductape Fatwah... I'm thinking he's a friend of Manegee's. I'm sure I know who they are... I left a message at their blog also asking for Super to reconnect.

    Truly, I felt like Supersoling should have been my brother. I saw he had posted and my freakin' heart just about pounded out of my chest!

    (((Nancy))) and.. you know Jeff Deavers!?! He does good scary! He's in a collection Gaiman put together.

    Kitteh name ideas: Peace, Strength, Courage and Hope...? Good or sappy?

  21. I was going to say, "Maybe he's Ductape," lol. I wonder if Ductape is still alive. I wonder if anything he told us was true. I loved the mystery of Ductape. Controversial little bugger. :)

    Manny's on fb, Janet.
    Manuel Guzman V

  22. p.s. I don't know Deaver personally. I've only seen him once--on a panel. He was charming and smart.

  23. Sadly, I believe DTF passed on to bigger journeys. I believe everything he told us was a truth to him. I was very fortunate to get some personal words of encouragement from him during a rough patch. A treasure, obviously.

    ACK I don't have/do Facebook. But I go to Manny's blog several times a month. Manny's living in a rough state right now. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and worry.

  24. Nancy, oh okay. Where did I read that you two did something together(?) I spend way too much time in Powell's bookstore perhaps? :)

    BTW, you'd better email me or send fireworks into the sky next time you're in Portland, woman. I about had a conniption fit finding out I had just missed you. ACK!

  25. My ears were ringing! (Nancy let me know why)

    Don Durito is a jazzy prof & had the initials JB in his previous incarnation, hope that helps 'unmask' him for you.

    My state definitely sucks but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying the sunsets painted in the sky from my back porch. My condolences to everyone who has to deal with DST. It's one of the few rebellious AZ-things that I support ;) Lots o' love to you all.

  26. ((((((Manny))))))))

    Still not sure who it is... But I sent him an email at his dorita address. I can't even stand to be around wrapped xmas presents for more than a day.. so this is driving me cuh-razy! :)

    You be careful out there! The day of the shootings I called you. Paced and paced. But you have family out this way, you know that, and mi casa, su casa. I MEAN THAT! Next visit will be a more leisure time. We'll just sit back and relax. Have a few margaritas. My dear friend Oleg, from the coffee shop.. he's the one we lost. I miss him. I miss you! The world's gone freaking nuts, my friend.

    I think I'm supposed to have you and Supersoling and this Dorito guy back in my life. xoxo


  27. Beaming.

    Janet, I'm not going to Portland without seeing you!! Also, alas, I'm not going to Portland any time soon. Or any time that I know of. And Manny, I'm going to be in Flagstaff shortly, but I won't have time to do anything but fly into the state, do my gig, and fly out. I'll be waving at you, though.

  28. Bumsteer was the first book I bought at Powell's. It's a used hardback and inside you signed, "there really is a Kansas" which is the nick I knew you as.

    In my "city" ways, I looked at the book and thought, am I really going to read a story that happens around a freakin' cattle ranch with a bunch of cowpokes? I did :) I love Jenny!

  29. Oh, I love that story. Thanks, Janet.

  30. Thanks nuthing, I have to convert all those recipes Ortega Family Recipes from 27 Ingredients over to non-dairy. The Chile Rellanoe recipe is one I drool over. That sucker is made with sweetened condensed milk!!! Gawd, how I miss sweetened condensed milk. It's the one thing I haven't figured out how to make dairy-free. I made all those recipes ya know. Sometimes when I reread it, I think you wrote it for Manny... I dunno. It's one of my favorites Jenny Caine. You gave so much warmth and love to the Mexican workers - and now look where we're at...

    At war with Mexicans. At war with Women and Children.

    Set Jenny Caine on the stinkin' Tea Party will ya?! :)

  31. Atually 27 Ingredients isn't a Caine Mystery... My bad. Me tired.

    Waiting for kitteh mews news is tiring.

  32. Janet, are you kidding? I swear you remember my books better than I do!

    I've been cleaning house until I am a tired nubbin. Off to bed with (somebody else's) book.

    Sweet dreams, Janet, Manny, and everybody on 40 Acres More or Less.

  33. Hi Janet - check your email. Just sent a note your way with regard to my identity. Regrettably I am not DTF - he had a way with words and charisma that I simply do not possess. He was one of a kind.

  34. (((((JB))))))) The V Mask should have alerted me right off.

    Da-yamn! A Manny and Don sammich!

    Must be some powerful mojo going around the universe. "singing songs, and carrying signs...."